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  1. I set all those member variables to null but the camera is still restricted :/
  2. How are the effects for the "lasers" shot by the ships on Omega Crush done? I'm trying to do something similar (balls shot from a ship that look like lasers) but I don't see any documentation for it, and the Omega Crush source isn't online it looks like. I thought about just attaching a light to a sphere but I don't think that's the best way
  3. So all you have to do to use incremental loading is convert .babylon file using http://www.babylonjs.com/converter.html, put all the converted files in the same directory as scene.babylon file and in the code use the scene.incremental.babylon file instead?
  4. I noticed that freeCamera and arcRotateCamera can rotate limitless on the x axis yet they have limits on the y axis. Is possible to have them able to rotate limitless on the y axis? And why are are they limited in the y axis, is it to prevent seeing things up side down?
  5. Is it possible to change the render distance of the babylon engine or would it just be better to scale everything down instead?
  6. Yes thank you, mesh.getAbsolutePosition() was what I was looking for
  7. ok, thank you very much! I was looking through examples and the tutorials and I never found anyone doing this so I was starting to worry! Glad to hear that I was wrong!
  8. @Deltakosh, but that's only for when you use new and create a camera, or are you saying that I can do camera.alpha and camera.beta to change those properties of an existing camera?
  9. When you link a mesh(child) to another mesh(parent) is there a way to get the child mesh's position? Because currently the position that is returned is just the initial position of the child mesh in relation to the parent mesh.
  10. Using an ArcRotateCamera you can set the rotation on creation of the camera, is there a way to do something like, camera.rotation.x and camera.rotation.y to change the rotation of a camera already in the world? I'm assuming that it would be better to not just make a gazillion cameras every time that I want to manually change the rotation though as far as I can see the only way to set a camera is on creation! When I try my method above it just says "Cannot set property 'x' of undefined".