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  1. I'd prefer the plane to be on the left side of the screen instead of it center position.


    It's great that you passed all the way through game's development and published it on Google Play. I'd be more than happy if you create a post with your development process from start to finish with all the problems you faced and solutions you found. I'd even pay for such tutorial I guess :)

  2. Played it on js13kgames couple of days ago and completed it. Nice game, especially if you take in consideration that it's under 13Kb!

    I have the same concern as Sebastian - bosses always pass through my turrets, I didn't manage to kill any of them :)

  3. Hi, guys!


    I’ve just finished my latest game I Know Art 2.

    I tried to make a small puzzle game which is accessible for everyone, not just art lovers. You don't have to know paintings’ titles, artists’ born dates and other boring stuff. This game is a puzzle and you can solve it even if you know nothing about art.




    The game includes artworks from artists like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci and others. I personally like modern artists (XX century) like Rene Magritte, but his paintings are not in public domain yet :(




    My other goal was to learn Phaser engine while making the game. I have to say that this engine is awesome (thanks, Rich!), and I’ll definitely use it in my future projects.




    You can try the game here. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)

    Feedback, bug reports, comments are more than welcome!

  4. Yeah, I tried to uncomment this line


    but other weird things happen



    1. The dynamic body falls below the bottom edge of canvas

    2. This body starts to penetrate with static body

    3. The body stops moving before touching the right edge.

    I have a feeling that after adjusting center of mass some p2's internal stuff brokes and render debug shifts from the actual physics position.

  5. Recently I played with p2 physics in Phaser and noticed a strange behavior of a body.

    Here is a scene for demonstration: click

    I think that dynamic body (which is made of two rectangles) after colliding with static body should fall to the right side, but not balance on the static body. I tried to call adjustCenterOfMass() method after adding rectangles, but it didn't help.


    So the question is: how to make the dynamic body to behave natural?

  6. Thanks for the suggestion, it works more stable now!

    Unfortunately sometimes there is a problem with scaling in portrait mode:



    So, I commented this line

    //, this); // ADD THIS

    And everything works great even after 20+ rotations.

    I guess this is a hack for my specific phone and on other device or android version might be a different situation, but at least it works in current specific case. So, if a client asks about scaling issues in stock browser, I know which lines to tweak.

    Thanks for the help!  ;)

  7. There is a bug with game's scaling on Android stock browser after device's rotation.

    I use this simple code for testing:

    var App = {};App.BootState = function(game) {};App.BootState.prototype = {    preload: function()    {        this.load.image('background', 'assets/images/background.png');    },    create: function() { = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; = true; = true;;        this.add.sprite(0, 0, 'background');    },    render: function()    {        game.debug.text("isPortrait: " + game.scale.isPortrait, 20, 100 );        game.debug.text("isLandscape: " + game.scale.isLandscape, 20, 120 );        game.debug.text("orientation: " + game.scale.orientation, 20, 140 );    }};

    Testing device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, android 4.3.


    At launch everything looks fine



    Still fine after first device's rotation



    But after some more rotations some weird stuff happens. It may show isPortrait = true even if device is in lanscape mode.



    Or there can be mess with scaling and positioning:



    I was told that there is the same problem on other device - Samsung Galaxy S3. I guess this is a common problem for all android stock browsers. Is there any way to fix this bug?

    Scale Test

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. On chrome everything works perfect.

  8. I think you melted my .  Made it to level 16 (so far), I like the mechanic it's simple and immediately obvious what you need to do.  Adding the static points in the later levels was a nice twist.  The difficulty ramped up at a nice pace too.  

    Anyway, really enjoying the challenge, great job :)

    Thanks for the feedback, rantt!  ;)

  9. post-6312-0-30525100-1402312015.jpgpost-6312-0-09040600-1402312016.jpgpost-6312-0-65364100-1402312017.jpgpost-6312-0-05630400-1402312018.jpg




    Just wanted to show my latest HTML5 game here. It’s a level based puzzle game. Lines are tangled confusingly on each level. Wreck your brain and untangle the lines in order to progress.


    I wanted to create a puzzle game with simple mechanics, clear design, easy-to-tough levels and mobile-friendly controls. Hope you’ll like it :)  Feedback and mobile tests are very welcome! 

  10. @Mike: thanks! Level 26 is no brainer too. Tap, don't think! :)


    @BdR: I guess it's technically possible to publish this game to play stores. As far as I know, CocoonJS or PhoneGap could help with this. But I havn't tried them yet.


    @KKornushin: blocking message for landscape is a good idea, I'll add it with next update. Thanks for testing the game on iPod!