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  1. @learning: thanks for playing! Spikes' speed might be slow on some devices. For example, on iPhone4 spikes might move really slow. I tried to solve this problem, but havn't succeed yet I agree that this game is pretty simple. This game is one of my first steps in HTML5 world and I tried to keep it simple Maybe I'll create a sequel with more levels, more characters and and tougher puzzles one day. @turnA: Wow! Assault Carnvivale and Popping Pals have a lot in common! Yeah, I guess there is a lot of room for improvements. Three stars, new game modes, more levels, e.t.c. This game can be converted from a small 2-weeks project to a big 2-months game
  2. Thanks, gikdew, for the feedback! Yeah, this game is based on trial and error. In my opinion (based on my obserations on players' playing the game) it's not always easy to find a right smiley to tap even after couple of tries. But overall I agree that the game is too easy, it should have more tough levels I guess.
  3. Hey everyone! I've finally finished my next HTML5 game "Popping Pals"! It's a simple and short chain reaction game. Tap smileys and clear a playfield to complete a level. You can try the game here Please let me know what you think. And I'll appreciate if you can test this game on mobile devices. Thanks!
  4. Final score: 3909. Sometimes I start to type one word, but other word is highlighted and I have to type the word that game suggests. Other than that, fun game, kept me entertained until the end
  5. Nice game! My score is 43000 for the first run. I'd like to have more ammo and aid to play longer
  6. @Funkyy: yeah, I tried to use the most popular world's paintings which are in public domain. @Fasol: One of the best results so far! My friend who is a professional artist, got the same score couple of days ago @mentuat: thanks for the feedback. I'm going to review the transition time of visual elements.
  7. Yeah, I wanted to keep the game simple. In many cases you can find a corect answer by using logic even if you don't know a picture. But many tests showed that it's not that easy to find all correct answers in the first run. The best result I saw was 15/20. Btw, what was your result?
  8. Hey all, I created a little art quiz named "I Know Art". You can try the game here. The game is based on CreateJS engine and can be played on mobile and desktop. Please let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!
  9. Just a small note: there is an easy inheritance implementation in JS. You can use a technique described here:
  10. Really awesome game! I also took a brief look at panda.js and the engine looks very promising!
  11. Flappy Bird with a twist What store do you target your mobile game to? I'm afraid that AppStore and Google Play don't approve Flappy Bird clones anymore
  12. Win7, chrome - works perfectly with no lags. I got score 49 with the 3rd attempt. This game is definitely easier than orignial Flappy Bird
  13. Works perfectly on my Win7, chrome. Great game, played till level 16. How many levels are there?