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  1. ARRGGHHH My EYES! I cannot really see different colors right now. The color scheme in your game is VERY VERY taxing. I'd suggest you use a color scheme that does not kill/maim retina cells. I didn't mean to be rude but after only 30 levels of an otherwise fun game, my eyes hurt. Rest of it looks good. The colors hurt. I didn't even know they could do that.
  2. I used to write custom javascript for each page to load the games separately but it turned out to be cumbersome and not very maintainable. I now use the iframe plugin on the page to show the games (with proper dimensions to fit the game best). Crayon is very good for showing code examples too. Plugins i use -
  3. YES! Path Manager is such a wonderful addition! Right now I usually set up a set of very complex tweens to achieve this. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  4. First off, you should use world.wrap(sprite)inside of update functions. Wasn't quite obvious to me at first, so putting it out there. Second - with a p2 physics body attached to a sprite, you should call world.wrap(sprite.body)for it to work properly. This isn't obvious either. I searched around and found nothing before trying it out. So here it is.
  5. Ok. Just came across this post. Thought I'd put this here... Taken from the "History of Things" post from my site - <3 Phaser.
  6. Android 4.2 and up is me being safe about Cocoon's port. With the 2.1 update, a couple of games just stopped working on older devices. The first jump is selected based on a random selection between 1 unit distance (in the game) and the farthest you can jump. It does tend to catch the new players off gaurd.. i'll try and fix that. Thanks!
  7. Difficulty did increase but not in a noticeable way. This is just personal preference but I like to be warned about increasing difficulty - (Level 1, 2, etc) I noticed the gradient.... hm... any hints to how far the treasure is... i really want the one eyed sailor to get to it. XD
  8. Such cute graphics I loved your game. Lots of polish, especially when you get hit with a mine and the parallax background. Could you at least give some semblance of a sea floor coming up because I was expecting it for too long... This is just a suggestion but you could have increasing difficulty after you get to the bottom (you know, like "Your princess is another castle" - "Your treasure is still deeper!")
  9. Now available on Android! -
  10. Glad you liked it. Consecutive small islands mean you have to plan *way* ahead, preventing yourself from overshooting. What I have tried to prevent are unreachable platforms, tell me if you get any of those.
  11. Alright, did a quick redesign to include touch controls when in a mobile environment.
  12. Thank you Rich! Thank you Jesse! I had fun making it too. I think I am finally getting a feel of doing pixel art since I sucked at it till now. Now, to make a mobile version of it. I am having trouble designing the interface -.-.
  13. I looked up the error - it can one of two things - 1. You need to clear you app-cache. 2. I need to use the correct version of JAVA to sign the apk. I'll check out if anyone else had the same errors while installing. My goal was/is to make javascript versions of simple games that I learnt to make while learning to make games. One of the first books I read was the Invent with Python series. So I'm going through all the games in it one by one. Then I'll move on to another book All the code in these games (since its derivative) is completely open and I made my rudimentary art open too.