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  1. Fun, and hard game. I agreed with aaryte's suggestions I died a couple of times, because I didn't know how to jump. I assumed, I should press space, because the menu asks me to press it to continue. I would like the space bar to be binded to jump. Also for a while I didn't realize I can move left. I would like to be informed about the input keys before playing. For example an image of the cursor keys would be enough in the menu.
  2. although this drops the fps significantly. Switching to canvas mode seems better at the moment
  3. Setting preserveDrawing to true buffer works, and the game no longer flickers on the tested phone. Thanks!
  4. Stumbled into this problem with a Lenovo A1000 (Mali400 gpu)
  5. At http://disneypermissions.force.com/WelcomeIntakePage We appreciate your desire to use Disney's characters and other intellectual property in connection with your mobile application.However,Disney is actively developing a variety of mobile applications based on its intellectual property and also has a strategic licensing program in place with select mobile distribution partners. As such, at this time, we are not seeking unsolicited requests for licenses of Disney intellectual property from app developers I am also discouraged to write to Hasbro. I stay with original characters fo
  6. Thanks for the replies! some examples I found: http://www.girlgames.com/games/frozen/ http://www.starsue.net/tag/My+Little+Pony.html It was naive to think they are okey with using their IP, without permission. Copying characters and dodging the IP is something I don't want to take part in either. I searched a little and found contacts for both Disney (http://www.disneystudiolicensing.com/), and Hasbro (http://corporate.hasbro.com/en-us/contact). I will try to contact them.
  7. Hello guys. Can I use Disney, or Hasbro IPs in my games, do I need to license them in any way? I'm about to start developing html5 games as a second job. I would like to make some dressing games for girls. While I was browsing some portals I can't help but notice the amount of games including Disney princesses, or My Little Pony characters. Do they all contacted the IP owners? Are they all made by the IP owners themselves?
  8. Bump! JumpSlide Boy is now on the AppStore! (I have updated my main post with a new link as promised.) Due to apple's new policy though, it includes a 64 bit binary aswell and that effectively doubled its size. I issued an update that'll hopefully "fix" this if apple still approves only 32 bit apps. (2015 January 1 is the limit.) Good luck running and stuff!
  9. Hi! I have just released my first app made using Pixi.js! It's called: JumpSlide Boy You can check out the details in my main post: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/10956-jumpslide-boy-a-casual-but-irritating-runner-game/ Also.. while developing my little app I got so happy with Pixi that I made my very minimalistic app website based around it aswell. http://glatar.hu/
  10. Hi! I have just released my first game made using Pixi.js. It's a really simple app that's similar to those runner games on the marketplace, but this one comes with some special moves and controls that make it stand out a little. Here's a brief description of it, hope you guys like it! JumpSlide Boy Combine your moves to get as far as you can in this survival run between boxes! Game Features: - Simple but innovative controls: tap on the upper or lower half of the screen to perform your moves! - Quick runs are fun and straightforward, but to break records you need to master your refle
  11. First of all I'd like to thank the pixi.js team for doing such a great job to the renderer in the past few months. I'm getting close to releasing my app but while testing it on an Iphone 4 I noticed that it ran horribly on ~5 fps. I was using an old, january version of pixi.js so I thought I'd give it a shot and download the latest one and the game instantly jumped to ~26 fps! Now that's an incredible amount of jump and getting the canvas to render 5 times faster is awesome, but the game is still a bit slow to me! The game has been dumbed down a few times graphically and it's pretty well o
  12. I want to make my game scaleable to any resolution. The integer scale is not enough. I will try to the following. On resize, and gamestart event create a new rendertexture with the necessery width-height. I put the original texture in a temp sprite scale it to the required value render the sprite on the rendertexture put the rendertexture in to the tilingsprite.Since the rendertexture's scale will be 1 the tilingsprite will render it correctly on the screen. This could be a garbage collectors wet dream, but : I will restrict to max 1 resize / sec, since every resize about 5 rendertexture ha
  13. I'm using webgl renderer. The Ground is 1024*128, so both sides are power of two.
  14. I'm trying to use tilingsprite for the ground layer, and moving background layers in a 2d scroller game. There is a small but easily noticable visual bug at the edges of the textures. It seems like pixijs puts the second texture one pixel farther, than it should be. I scale all pixi.DisplayObject to fit the screen, in the current image the scale was between 1-2. I tried it out with scale=1, but the result was the same. I could work around this issue, by using 2 textures, and do a custom tilingsprite, but I think it would be nicer to use the pixijs one. It would be important for me to f
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