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    LaczkoUr reacted to mattstyles in Licensing a html5 game   
    You can use services like and I think gamejolt to host your games for you (obviously anything that requires a backend will be more difficult but I dont think that applies in your case). There are loads of these such sites that just give you an area to publish your game, I think most let you try and sell your game (I'd guess they keep ad revenue and possibly a percentage, dont know).
    As for licensing your game, selling your game to a publisher is usually far harder.
    Please dont be disheartened by my following comments, finishing any game is an incredible achievement, but, finishing a game to a point where people are going to pay for it is another step up. You've done incredibly well to finish a game, but it probably needs a little more polishing before it is in a place where publishers might pay you for it, I'd say it is unlikely that publishers will ever pay for a straight snake clone. The services I mentioned earlier let you upload, so, if all you want is some coverage then that is the way to go.
    If you have it hosted somewhere then fire over the link, if you want better critique to learn from we really need to play your game.
    From your screenshots you could do with a bit of graphical help, a little bit of work on laying out and styling your UI will go a long way. Being responsive with a canvas element can be tricky, if you just want your game viewport to scale to the screen then it usually becomes easier and most 2d rendering libraries (such as Pixi, or, if you use Phaser, which is a full-blown game engine rather than just rendering) support doing this sort of thing pretty much automatically for you.
    But, seriously, great work on getting a game finished, its a big achievement.
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    LaczkoUr reacted to Tom Atom in Phaser/WebGL flickering on Chrome for Android v53   
    Hi, testers found some of our games blinking on some devices in Chrome and all of them are blinking in Android's native webview.
    For now it seems, that setting "preservedrawingbuffer" parameter to true solves it. When you are creating game you can do this instead of commented line (code taken from TypeScript game class derived from Phaser.Game:
    // init game // super(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, "content", null /* , transparent, antialias, physicsConfig */); super({ width: 800, height: 600, renderer: Phaser.AUTO, parent: "content", transparent: false, antialias: true, physicsConfig: null, preserveDrawingBuffer: true }); @LaczkoUr @Bikas can you, please, confirm, whether it helped?