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  1. Huh my bad, I didn't know you could drag and drop. Works when I drag and drop, but not when I open the files with the button on chrome ff or ie, if I try with the button I get this error. Chrome 35 Latest Firefox IE 11
  2. Thank you Wingnut, that helped lot. But if I make the camera position y 30 it doesn't move down, I have to press the arrow key for it to fall. And if I make it 300 and only press the arrow key not hold, it only falls down a little bit. Is it possible for this to not happen and perhaps have the collision be updated constantly or would the performance hit be too great?
  3. Hello, I'm working on a museum project when you walk in a building and view a bunch of models. I'm trying to do the collision for everything so that when you collide with the models or the museum you stop moving ex like walls in the museum. How was the collision done for Esplit and Windows Cafe?
  4. It doesn't work with any babylon file I throw at it, but here are all the babylon file and the associated textures. I don't know how to send attachments in posts so I made a repo on Github instead...
  5. Every time I try to upload a .babylon file the sandbox doesn't work and spits out a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scenes' of undefined babylon.js:5".
  6. What you could do is daisy chain all the import mesh function callbacks so that when one mesh has finished loading you import another one and when you're out of importing meshes then you call runRenderLoop in the callback of the final mesh.
  7. Yay it works now! Thank you Deltakosh!
  8. Yup using the the latest babylon1.8.5.js!
  9. No still doesn't stay updated :/
  10. Yeah the camera still stays in the same place when not moving :/ Here is a simple project from scratch with just a free camera with a block as a parent. I made this project specifically for the free camera with a parent so that its not cluttered with other stuff like the fps one, hope it helps debugging w/s to move forward/backward, move the mouse to rotate the block.
  11. Yup using the most recent version on github
  12. So I'm making a free camera and setting its parent to a mesh that moves/rotates. The camera follows the mesh as expected, but when the mesh isn't moving/rotating it goes back to its original position. Any clues as to why its doing it and how to fix it? Thanks! Link to problem
  13. Ah so you can not set the visibility of a mesh with a parent that is a group. Now I just set the mesh._isEnabled property to false and worked , is this the proper way of not rendering meshes if its parent is a group instead? And whats the difference between using the two other than _isEnabled affects children and when would you use one over the other?
  14. So I'm working on a 3d-asteroids game and I'm trying to stop rendering the ship when the game ends by setting the .isVisible property to false. When I set the property to false it stills renders the ship, but when I set the property to true it throws a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'isInFrustum' of undefined" error. Link to game with error