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  1. Thanks. I also got a couple of deals of 500 and 400usd for non exclusive licences for my other game. Though for an exclusive, I don't know what they are willing to pay, I don't want to sell it for too little when I could have sold it for much more than I thought was possible.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on some of those points. Any tips on pricing?. What's your experiencie on this topic?.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on our game, specifically how much do you think we can ask for an exclusive license and a non exclusive license?. This is a puzzle game, where you have to use magnets to guide a particle to its goal. As you advance in levels, you will find new obstacles and objects to use. Here is the url to it http://www.chrisibar...ificatmagchall/ thanks!
  4. Hi my name is Christian, I am looking for a programmer to develop games with. I have sold a few non exclusive licences of our first html5 game with my actual programming partner, in the meantime I would like to create new games with other programmer partners, we can reach an agreement in case you want to receive a percentage of the profit, or if you want a fixed amount of money per days of work, or per game programmed. I am looking for a programmer with more than 2 years of experience of programming in object oriented languages, and with knowledge of javascript. I am a game designer, program
  5. I made an html5 games and already sold a few non exclusive licences, mainly I contact portals and send them a link to the game, but now I want to learn how to earn money differently from html5 games. I have "heard" some people making money making custom games for other companies who are not portals, how do they get these clients and make games for them?.
  6. Thanks a lot for checking it out and the nice words
  7. It seems some people can't see it yet, can anybody else confirm if it works? thanks a lot.
  8. Ok thanks for letting me know. Some people can play it other people can't, It works for me, so it seems it will take some time to let the "propagation" of the domain finish.
  9. My hosting provider made some mistakes in setting up my domain, but it should work now, does it work for you now?.
  10. Hi, I started looking for sponsors for our first html5 game. Previously I did a couple of sponsored flash games: "zombie home run" and "twtichpack". This one is called "Sidetracks", its about a train that needs to deliver cargo to many cities in a level in order to win. You have to click on the red rails in order to set their direction. It's an action game in the sense that you have to be quick to decide where you want your train to go. If you deliver enough cargo to a city, you will gain a new wagon. If you grow too much you will need to think more carefully about what paths to take, beca
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