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  1. Nintendo hasn't announced support for HTML5 games, yet. In the meantime you could continue developing your game in HTML5, porting it to the Switch sometime later down the road, or just dev it in Unity...
  2. They haven't publicly announced anything, yet. Won't be until next year after this holiday season so they can focus on 1st and strong 3rd party games. But if you could at least share with them the videos you have been sharing with us, and some of the frameworks you use, the use of Web Audio, webgl, etc... "maybe" they can give you more details or at least hint on their NWF for the Switch? Or they could at least implement more to what you're targeted min specs will use so they can make the NWF more featured and ready. Does this make sense?
  3. There is CannonJS, Oimo, AmmoJS, and Goblin Physics, to name a few. And like BitOfGold said, each one has their own unique pros and cons. Oimo performs the best, but there are no event callbacks and proper documentation (just examples). Goblin Physics doesn't have callbacks either. AmmoJS is suppose to be the best, and its what PlayCanvas uses - but its documentation is horrible. Maybe you can use the PlayCanvas engine on GitHub and work with that? I really want Oimo to have more, its runs so smooth. CannonJS is what I ended using as well. Its not the best performance, but it has something I need: documentation and event callbacks. It was a hassle setting up callbacks to get the desired results, some ugly collision mask filtering, but it does the job. Just make sure you download the files from GitHub and build locally, don't just grab the latest build files on the GitHub page - they are out of date. There isn't much else for 3d physic engines.
  4. Have you shown this to Nintendo to possible get it on the Switch? Maybe they can give you more details on their NWF??!
  5. gregmax17

    Nintendo Switch

    No, nothing yet, sadly. My take is that they won't release anything until next year. If you recall, this is what happened with the WiiU and their Nintendo Web Framework (NWF), where it was announced and released a full year after the launch of the WiiU. I can see them taking this approach again as they continue to focus on first party games, or other major 3rd party games, that will push Switch sales for this upcoming holiday season. HTML5 games won't do that as they tend to be more smaller scaled games - I hate to admit this as a HTML5 game developer myself. Give it time, but I'm sure it will come some day.
  6. Can you please share more on what you did/used for development? What are using for 2d rendering, what did you use to create the levels, how are you able to balance all the numbers, frameworks and engines did you use, etc.
  7. gregmax17

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, this is what I'm hoping for to be honest. I don't know why Nintendo hasn't made the Switch available for indie's yet though, like on their developer pages. Trying to keep things under lid still I suppose, hopefully they announce something soon
  8. gregmax17

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah this is bummer news to hear. The Wii U allowed html5 game dev... what a let down.
  9. gregmax17

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone heard anything about putting HTML5 games on the Nintendo Switch? Can we use WebGL, web audio, etc. This might be a question WAY to early to ask, but I had to know if any you heard anything.
  10. I use CreateJS as well, and the sorting of children in a container by a zIndex property is missing. There is a 'sortChildren' method though, but you need to pass a sort function of your own. This is what I have done: DisplayObject.prototype.zIndex = 0; So all display objects have a zIndex property. After you add a child to a container you can do something like this then: var sortBy = function(a, b) { return a.zIndex - b.zIndex; }; container.addChild( sprite ); container.sortChildren( sortBy );
  11. I'm using three.js and I have a projectile I would like to shoot and I need help determining the velocity. I have the origin point, the speed/force I would like to shoot, and I have the Y angle and X angle I would like to shoot. How do I find out the velocity along the x, y, and z?
  12. Does anyone know a good tutorial, or a step by step pseudo code at least, on how to do this using the canvas? Something like mario kart but the camera to be at a higher position. Any help would be great, thank you!
  13. Hello, this weekend there was a Indies VS Gamers game jam that I participated in and I would like to share with the game I dev'ed. The game is Jetpack Mailman, you can play it here: I appreciate your feedback on the game. Thanks in advance for checking it out and playing it!
  14. Try this: window.addEventListener("focus", onWindowFocus, false);window.addEventListener("blur", onWindowBlur, false);
  15. Sorry to bring this back from the dead. But I'm curious to Ninjadoodle's last post and question. Does the engine take in account the position of the objects or does the dev need to?