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  1. Hello everyone, I just started to develop HTML5 games and I've come with a doubt about it... What resolution should I use in my games?, I heard someone before say 320*480 and 480*320 is a nice bet, but I don't know if that is still the case with all mobile devices getting bigger screens... So to make a concise question: What resolution is the safest bet?
  2. Nice game, but it ran rather slow on one of my phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace), other than that it was good Note: Change the link to ""
  3. Interesting so gender neutral content is the best way to go. How do publishers go about games that use the developers api?, I mean I want to implement global high scores, is that a deal breaker for them?
  4. Thanks, but regarding category, is there one thats currently "popular"?, I mean that get the most attention from publishers
  5. Hi, I recently started to enter the HTML5 market and working on my first HTML5 game and I have a few questions regarding what publishers commonly want. Is the publisher interested in a few time play game (only a few levels to play) or a game that generates new content each time you hit play (those that don't have end and just aim to get high scores)? How much time of game play is it recommended for the game to have? Are simple menus (touch to start) better than more elaborate menus (Start, Shop, Options, etc...)? What are the game categories that get more attention?, I'm currently going for puzzle, arcade and strategy, are those a good choice?
  6. Debels

    Is it worth it?

    I see many that get away with the no music/sound, but I personally prefer to add music and sound since it gives the game a nice touch.
  7. Well there is one for GM:S that is quite complete and can easily be extended: