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  1. Hey @ozRocker thanks for putting this project together, I've been studying and learning quite a bit from it! I've been working on a library called Handsfree.js (based on BRFv4) and one of the things I'm researching is "puppetteering": I'm still figuring everything out, but here's my work in progress: Code: https://glitch.com/~anniemorph Demo: https://anniemorph.glitch.me I don't have much documentation yet for this specific experiment, but you can see how I'm doing it in /starter.js. Basically I calculate the distance between the mouth corners and adjust the morph influences by that amount.
  2. I'm not sure about Canvas, but with CSS you have a few methods: You can just stack text-shadows with 0 blur: http://jsfiddle.net/cW8r9/ For this one you'll need to add more shadows to fill in the gaps and make it look less choppy. If you're are only targetting webkit (for like iOS packaged app or something), you can use -webkit-text-stroke: http://css-tricks.com/examples/TextStroke/
  3. Wow that is really minimal, I learned a lot from looking at the source comments. I don't think I've ever really seen bitwise operations like that before
  4. Haha yea pen and paper is so much easier sometimes, I used to use stickies a lot too before smart phones. I keep telling myself to try using a vertical screen, would especially be useful when editing CSS
  5. I've been using GameMaker since around 2003 for personal things, even made an app that I used for/when I was in the military with it. Then I moved onto WordPress fulltime and made a few simple ecard-games for clients during the holidays and realize holy crap, WordPress can actually be used as the server for a game. So now I'm squeezing in every opportunity to make games in WordPress and am actually working my way to doing that fulltime.
  6. I'm curious to know what your complete dev environment is like. I have a weird obsession with development speed and am always trying to figure out new ways to code faster. At this point, I can almost code faster than I can talk Here's my physical setup at work (which is similar to what I have at home): I use two monitors, one dedicated to my editor which is further broken down into multiple views, one for photoshop/illustrator, and then I have a Galaxy Note that streams live video from my desktop to runs a web browser. The last bit lets me install livereload, so anytime I save in my editor the tablet automatically refreshes without me having to Alt-Tab, refresh, Alt-Tab. At work I'm on Windows and at home I'm on Mac, but my actual environment is basically the same: Code Editor - Sublime Text, loaded with: - Advance New File: Let's me use a keychord to create/load a file and supports tabbing, so can create directories too. - Emmet: Let's me do insane HMTL expansions, like ul.slideshow>li.slide*3>a+div.content would expand into a <ul> element with three <li>, each containing a link and a div that I can then tab through to add content! lol - Origami - Let's me create all sorts of crazy views and move tabs between them - PlainTasks - Creates todo lists that let you check off items, right inside the editor - Sidebar Enhancements - Just makes the sidebar MUCH more useable LiveReload with chrome extension (PrePros for windows) - Automatically compiles SASS, CoffeeScript, minifies JavaScript and CSS, gives you a back massage, and reloads browser when you save. Instantly and without Alt-Tabbing. And if you have a dual monitor setup, you never have to leave your code editor. TextExpander (PhraseExpress for windows) Let's you expand short characters/keychords into text you can tab through, macros, and a bunch of other magic. This is my number one time saver. I use a lot of Lorem Ipsum at work, so I have lorem automatically expand into a 5 paragraph block of dummy text. Tower (GitHub client for Windows) - My favorite GUI's for revision controlling
  7. What an incredibly beautiful game Protopop! I was going to post my WIP until I saw yours, but I might just hold off a few extra days Are you the sole developer?