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  1. @OkijinGames It's been two months since this one. How's it going?
  2. Was confused on what to do with it but I was able to adapt, so no problem. In regards of the creativity, that's a nice idea.
  3. Nice polished game. How long does it take for you (or your team) to make this one?
  4. This is a real deal and inspiring! Wish you best on your next goal.
  5. Just an addition, basically just realize the amount of objects you have. For example, a bullet hell game needs tons of bullets, but they're all the same, that's when your mind should come up with object pool. The rest can go over later. Just make sure you know your game design, then scale from it. Not everything always need a pool (or the pool count must be quite precise) cause you may run out of memory there especially in low-end mobile device, so use it wisely.
  6. Google Analytics is good enough. Actually I like it because it's free though.
  7. Because it gives me money with very short development time, that's what I recall.
  8. Just want to mention that the game has playable link at crazygames.com, https://www.crazygames.com/game/infinite-gears Note that it's desktop only.
  9. Simple and nice game. I love it. I like the key cause it kinda reminds me of Chip's challenge. I didn't expect this game to have that. Nice one.
  10. Now this is the real deal. Thanks for posting this in here, it's nice work so far. I assume this will be in desktop only?
  11. It means you use the default JavaScript one I believe. Like this one. Still new though, but you can use transpilers like Babel to make it work. Instead of using other convention, you may just wanna use the native one, at least when you write it.
  12. Yeah use the native module. You still have to pack the data yourself though (which you end up using something like Babel Webpack and whatevs), but if you want something closer to C++ or Java, at least use TypeScript due to its strong and static typing.
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