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  1. I'm a bit new to phaser so forgive me if these are obvious: It seems sprite tween resize is all relative, eg 2X based on the size of the original bitmap it was based on is there a way to scale a sprite to fill the screen exactly? I can only think of - finding the original size of the sprite (not sure what the API for that is) - find screensize - screensize / bitmapsize = target scale factor I got that working but wonder if i'm missing something. onDown: () -> # tweener = game.add.tween(@sprite).to( {x:400, y:400},1000 ) BITMAP_SIZE = 10 # original bitmap newSize = { x: @state.game.width / BITMAP_SIZE y: @state.game.height / BITMAP_SIZE } # newSize = {x:10, y: 10} console.log("onDown", newSize) tweener = game.add.tween(@sprite.scale). to(newSize, 100, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true, 0, 0, true )
  2. this looks very cool, thanks for all your great work!
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    phaser > pixi

    > Lots of people use Pixi who don't make games at all. However as this is a game dev forum, I'm going to suspect you do my application is games, but educational and language games. I was actually looking for something with a DOM renderer but none of the active game engines seem to really support this anymore. I had been using d3.js with translate() methods so i could get hardware acceleration. but had some issues with repainting, so I guess i have to move to a real game engine...
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    phaser > pixi

    interesting. I took a look at the dev log http://www.photonstorm.com/topics/phaser-3 but there doesn't seem to be much background on the reason there, is there any more info on that? I guess i'll post in the phaser3 thread.
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    phaser > pixi

    I understand phaser uses Pixi as its rendering engine. What are the main features that phaser adds on top? It seems pixi has a scene graph, and touch support, which is a bit more than some renderers. Phaser seems to add on top various physics engines.... and has a huge API, but if someone could help point out the main diffs that would be appreciated. Phaser also allows you call Pixi directly it seems? http://docs.phaser.io/PIXI.html If there isn't much overhead, it would seem then that there's no reason to just use pixi as phaser will give all the benefits and more? refs: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/ http://examples.phaser.io/
  6. trying to get started with Pixi and I'm wondering: * hierarchy what the tools are for building up a hierarchy of elements? i'm looking for similar to: http://www.limejs.com/2_layout_and_nodes we have sprite.addChild() - is that the grouping item? and also DisplayObjectContainer. which is the preferred way to create a scene graph hierarchy? * scene manager also a Scene/Director to move between different entire scenes is there a manager for this? are there any ways to do transitions between scenes (using stage?) * building UIs are there any components for UIs? sliders, buttons, other widgets... I'm picking through the examples but they are mostly focusing on the game and sprites, if anyone can suggest other broader tutorials of building menus and navigation between UI screens, that would be great