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  1. @seeker i might be heading to Vancouver sometime autumn, i'll definitely PM you when there.
  2. i get stuck at 4%, with a weird JS error. Can you check @Melyon?
  3. jkohler

    Slack Team!

    interesting, thanks for sharing
  4. I would go with Phaser because of the community, and because i prefer coding. Just my two cents.
  5. @ashutosh what do you mean mandatory? Do you mean 'fallback to canvas' by default? Or a canvas which user can freely draw stuff on? (eg: color)
  6. can't stress how important is balance with work and home. I have none
  7. revisiting this one. strongly feel one should learn javascript, then move up to more abstract ones like Typescript. That is, if you're doing frontend work. Don't forget to learn some backend coding too. Pick up something basic like nodejs (it's still JS, after all).
  8. liked your post bdekk. rooting for you too
  9. For 2D engine, any one (Phaser / Impact / Pixi / etc) should be fine. You can even make your own engine via createjs. For multiplayer, that's the tricky part. You can run your own nodejs server, which gives a better request throughput.
  10. i think it depends on how much users you plan to have. anyway, i'm working on an OSM (Open Street Map) project, where i use http://leafletjs.com/
  11. i wish i had the time to collaborate. wish you good luck nevertheless
  12. Cocos2D-x is perfectly fine, i did a self project with it 6 months ago. Strong community, fun games.
  13. Suggestion: survey should be more thorough. Thanks