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  1. I recently viewed an example in which you can load a polygon onto a sprite with P2 physics. The link to the tutorial is found here: My question is, by using the "body.addPolygon()" method on a sprite, is it possible to create multiple polygons, or any shape, collision areas and have them register collisions separately like a fighting game in which consists of characters with multiple hit boxes?
  2. Word Melee is a game in which players use letters, provided in a dashboard, to formulate words in order to use against their opponents. Word Melee features a turn-based local player mode in which two players share a computer, P1 uses [Enter], and P2 uses [shift], and face off one another. Word Melee also features an online mode in which you give other players an ID in order to join a match, inspired by Google's Cubeslam online multiplayer mechanism. The game is complete, but if you find any bugs please let me know immediately. Also, feedback is very much appreciated. If you would like to request a battle with me, send me message in the forums. [PLAY WORD MELEE] Also, if you are using Google chrome and would like to save this game as an app, the game is also available on the Google Chrome Store. EDIT: I just noticed something. This contains English Letters. Quick question: Is there a service that gives language converting abilities? Or shall I approach this programmatically?
  3. I would like to participate, but I do not quite understand the concept of this challenge. I read about the Lundumdare challenges online. There is a theme, and challengers make a game based on that theme. As of now I don't see a theme, which means that on April 25th, the theme will be announced? Am i correct, if so I'll be waiting.
  4. I'll get to this issue as soon as possible, thank you for the recommendations, and information. I will report back to you guys soon.
  5. I stumbled upon an awkward issue with my game this morning. I wanted to see how my game performed on multiple browsers and I found that IE11 placed an awkward "Brightened" effect to my game. There is a screenshot below and the game link is here. I found no errors in the JavaScript console. How could this be happening?
  6. Had an odd bug. A couple of people managed to play it and others didn't. I believe this has to do with obfuscation of Javascript code. Is anyone having difficulties when they put their code in Jscrambler? I decided to opt from the service finding that it was the core problem to some inactivity. The game is now playable thankfully.
  7. I love the minimalistic colors of your current work. And seeing the progress from comparing both screenshots shows signs that you are indeed making good progress. Nice work.
  8. I guess Nickelodeon is a loyal client. Nice showcase.
  9. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it greatly. Red discs are for a speed increase, Yellow for lasers, and Green for shield. Thank you for also pointing out the bug, I'll be sure to patch that quickly. Regards, Gamma
  10. Turret Strike is a survival game in which the player must fight back corrupted robots trying to escape the lab into a portal in which will give them freedom. The objective of the game is to stop them from getting to the portal located behind the player. There are powerups and turrets in order to help you! Good luck and have fun! We hope you enjoy the game. Turret Strike Game If you find any bugs or issues, please do include that in your feedback. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you.
  11. Figured it out. Had to put enemies into a group.
  12. I was experimenting with spawning enemies from the right side of the game's canvas. The player, being on the left side shoots the enemies coming from the right. I have a problem though. When the player shoots the enemy while it spawns a couple pixels away from the right side of the screen, the enemy dies (I made a collision handler), but the problem comes when the enemy reaches halfway past the spawn point. It seems that if the enemy gets too close to the player the bullets don't seem to effect the enemy at all. The enemy seems to only die a couple of pixels away from the right side of the screen. Here is how I have things set up: Currently using Phaser 2.0 //Create function with bullets bullets =; bullets.enableBody = true; bullets.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE; bullets.createMultiple(50, 'bullet'); bullets.setAll('anchor.x', 0.5); bullets.setAll('anchor.y', 0.5); bullets.setAll('outOfBoundsKill', true);//UPDATE, clone, this.enemyKill, null, this);//Method used to spawn enemies//I call a function named 'lvl1' that spawns enemies from the right side of the screen levelOne: function() { this.lvl1 =; this.lvl1.start(); this.lvl1.onComplete.add(this.watchCounter, this); this.lvl1.repeat(Phaser.Timer.SECOND * 2, 10, this.enemyOne, this); },//This function uses the Phaser timer method to call a function to create enemies 10 times every 2 seconds//The function for the enemy is down below:enemyOne: function() { clone = + 100, (100 + spawnLimit), 'CloneOne'); //I "bottlenecked" the spawn area to be between a specific, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); clone.enableBody = true; clone.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); clone.body.velocity.x = -110; clone.animations.add('run', [11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6], 10, true);'run'); },//Here is the collision handler enemyKill: function(bullet, clone) { bullet.kill(); clone.kill(); }//Here is the players fire methodfire: function() { if ( > nextFire && bullets.countDead() > 0) { var shoot ='shoot');; nextFire = + fireRate; bullet = bullets.getFirstDead(false); bullet.body.velocity.x = 350; bullet.reset((player.x + 65), (player.y + 20)); bullet.rotation =, 300); } }, EDIT: I just did some debugging using the line of code below and discovered that when the enemy reaches halfway across the screen the collision box literally disappears. How can that be? EDIT: The only "enemy" that takes collision is the last enemy that is spawned. render: function() {;; } Thank you all in advance.
  13. I'll look into updating to the new version soon. Thank you for your help xdiepx. I appreciate it. And yes I have been using Chrome this whole time.
  14. Mike, I accidentally added a 'source' for the game "Robo Dash", do you mind removing it? It's not actually a source I did not read it correctly when doing the entry. Thank you in advance.
  15. Gamma

    Robo Dash

    Your feedback is appreciated. The point of the game is to simply to survive, not to kill mutant oranges. Your feedback, in terms of a survival game is fantastic nonetheless. I hadn't thought of the shield ability really. I might just implement your feedback in the next update. Keep in mind that you may not see the "point" of a game like how others see a specific "point".