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  1. Thanks for feedback, I'm investigating the bug
  2. Hi Konstantin, thanks for feedback! I fixed the issue and updated the game
  3. Hi Ancient Ore is another our match3/puzzle game we are currently finishing development of. You need to drag entire rows and columns to swap gems. We are making final changes and polishing the game at the moment, so any kind of feedback is much appreciated. I temporarily removed links on the game because it's awaiting for release, will update this post when the game will be released Thanks!
  4. Hi! We’ve recently finished working on our new puzzle/match3 game Tabby Island. It’s the game from our Fuzzy Island series. Tabby Island is based on fun (I hope ) and unique game mechanic; player need to launch fluffy kittens to score points and complete various missions. Looking forward for any feedback, especially about intuitiveness. In addition, the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Feel free to contact me: Skype: andriy.vinchkovskiy E-mail: andriy.vinchkovskiy@hiddenlayergames.com You may test game by any of these urls: http://hiddenlayergames.com/tabby/ https://tabb
  5. I'm Flash game developer, but now working on mobile game (the framework is cocos2d-x). I'm developing it almost one year and am a bit tired. On the last DevGamm I discovered HTML5 and decided to create several small games and take a rest from my main c++ game
  6. VisualStudio, TypeScript, CreateJS Tried Phaser at first, but it has some problems with TypeScript support.
  7. I would suggest TypeScript and CreateJS (or any other framework with flash-like display list). TypeScript has almost the same concept as the one in AS3 (classes, types etc.). It took for me just several hours to port the match3 game from TypeScript to AS3.
  8. Great game. Jelly Collapse is the game I was heading for while making my current HTML5 games
  9. My base resolution 640x712 (the resolution of Safari’s window with address bar in iPhone 4s), but game will look good in other resolutions because of large background (960 pixels) and game scaling.
  10. I’m not limiting fps in my games in the games I’m making now, so these games would be fps independent. I’m trying to keep the lower bound of framerate at 45-60fps on iPhone 4s with hope that Android devices with above average hardware will show at least 30fps.
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