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  1. gledex

    Rush The Top

    Hi! you are right, it's just the lazyness in me that doesn't like to fix stuff. I got *somewhat* the idea for the game from this video: and game mechanics like Toss the turtle, Burrito Bison. Kitten Cannon.. Thanks for your feedback
  2. gledex

    Rush The Top

    Hi thank you for your feedback! I think i fixed the touch & scale thing. If you can test it again i will love you forever I didn't use any engine, 100% from scratch. I learned a lot though. I have played Block The Pig before, great game. I think i will do more thinking games instead. Publishers seem to be more interested in these types of games.
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, i want to say thanks to the creator of this wonderful forum, a place where we game developers around the world, have a place to share and learn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, i want to present you my latest, but first game creation: Rush The Top PLAY IT The game consists of making use of a cannon to launch a monkey into the space, get coins to buy upgrades and abilities to reach the top in the lowest amount of time possible. Although i have not tested it with iOS and other devices (i don't have them), you can try it out and see if it works for you. PLAY IT Your feedback is ENORMOUSLY appreciated. Thank you, Gastón - One Beast Games
  4. gledex

    Eat the Bird

    LOL at me, i was avoiding the birds when clearly the title says otherwise . So far works good on Firefox 29.0.1. One thing, when i try to press the 'Rate' button in Desktop (Firefox), the popup window gets blocked, i think this is because you can't open new tabs on mouseups or downs, only click events.
  5. gledex

    Eat the Bird

    Here is the correct link: (you used httop) Here is the play link: ------- Ok, im getting game over every time i press Play and i don't know why.
  6. Check out , you get a zip file with a lot of sound effects for only 15$ and they are royalty-free.
  7. Can you host it on a web server? You will get more feedback this way. Just a thought, no offense
  8. Man you are on fire! Haha, what a great team you have there!
  9. That's a fantastic find. Can't buy it though. This website is under heavy load We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later. EDIT: Now the website works correctly. Pretty cheap for the amount of sounds you get.
  10. Yeah, this very thing got me confused for days, now this is how you do it: I dont use phaser but this is how you do it.
  11. On mobile forget about 60fps, cap it to 30 fps and for desktop use 60 fps.
  12. gledex


    Looks good, seems to work on android stock browser and chrome mobile on a medium spec device, although not very fast. Whenever i crash against a car, the background music stops in Android Stock Browser, Chrome seems to not play the background music at all, but plays the sound effects correctly.
  13. gledex

    Jelly Collapse

    Nice demo of what html5 can do. Works playable on a slow lg l1