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  1. I've settled several big deals with Spil in the past few months so I'm excited to work with them more in 2014, especially with a budget like that.
  2. If only 2 out of 6 games look blurry, it's likely got nothing to do with the device nor Apple, if each game is the same resolution.
  3. I don't work with them anymore due to all of the new specifications, some of which are just very difficult to incorporate with GameMaker.
  4. Video was pretty spot on, though adding audio is something I'm still skeptical about. I don't feel like I can use sound effects or music reliably on mobile yet. No it's not. If you're making HTML5 games with load times that long in GameMaker you're doing it wrong.
  5. I guess, somewhat predictably, that it's no longer active.
  6. Not able to test for you, but I just use url_open() generally. The other variants don't work perfectly in my experience due to the way different browsers and security settings handle "pop up" windows.
  7. Oh, I thought that background issue was only happening to me. It must be a bug introduced by the latest updates to GMS. Report it here:
  8. That's about 8 hours to upload all of my games.
  9. You would not find anyone who was stricter about following Google's rules than me. Don't forget, exactly the same thing happened to Rich and it cost him around $2000 if I recall. So no, keeping "a check on things" is not enough. It just isn't, and telling people to use AdSense is only going to cause them problems and cost them money in the long run. So maybe stop doing that? Really? I do vaguely recall saying something similar just a moment ago...
  10. I use Ad Block Plus, like many others, so it's not really a concern for me. But I hate ads too
  11. It's only natural that you'd want to monetize your traffic. This forum is going to grow into something very large and significant. It's a valuable property to own.