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  1. Hey I just saw your blog and am reading through.  I note that your bubble pop game loads but then just shows a blank screen after clicking new game, with music still playing in the background.  Here's a screenshot.




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    2. True Valhalla

      True Valhalla

      Awesome. Thanks for the report & tests anyway!

    3. staff0rd


      Out of interest, you rate that better than Google Analytics?

    4. True Valhalla

      True Valhalla

      Not necessarily, but it's better integrated with my engine of choice.

  2. With so many people undercutting each other and the increasing quality of games, prices have fallen during the past year. In my experience prices range from $20 (CodeCanyon) to $800+ (Spil Games), with $400-$500 being the average.
  3. I can help (already integrated their SDK in GMS). Email me:
  4. But not whether they are blatant rip-offs of other developer's hard work, I suppose.
  5. MarketJS has turned into a platform to showcase and sell their own games (all the ones on their homepage are built in-house). Copying games like this is pretty despicable behavior. They are making a lot of money doing it, too.
  6. This thread should be unpinned...
  7. Seems like a jaded Flash dev that is too lazy to learn HTML5. The technology is far more capable than many give it credit.
  8. Gamepix, Soft Games, Tresena, etc. all distribute your games to other publishers. This is a surefire way to lose future business and damage the HTML5 licensing industry as a whole.
  9. Just ran into this myself. Been through this's really annoying to deal with.
  10. Replace the old version with the new version, unless they actually look like totally different games. Otherwise you're just being greedy trying to sell two versions of the one game.
  11. Totally agree. Throwing money around doesn't equate to running a successful business - you have to have a passion for what you do, specific market insight and understanding of the target demographic, and a clear vision of how to execute your plans. These guys had none of those things.
  12. Good idea Rich - and good luck!