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  1. Hello, this is my first try in making an isometric game. It's more a graphic test playground than a game, but who knows? If i am happy how everything works out, maybe i will turn it into a full game... You can try the demo here (move character with mouse):
  2. WebGL 2 is coming in the near future, here is an early preview:
  3. UPDATE: I worked more on the graphics, put some new game elements & changed the level design process to Tiled, so now i can make new levels much faster. Please try the game out (link in first post) & tell me what you think, what could be improved, if you like the art style or if it's way too retro etc. Any feedback is welcome.
  4. @oddskill: It's a bit difficult, 'cause games these days were more hard to master But i will balance it more, once it's finished & the levels are short, so no too big problem when the player dies. I want achieve, that the player gets a bit angry when he dies but still wants play on...kkkkkkkkkk Thank you for the beer!!!..i mean support ^^ regards, Chupup
  5. Hello, i am working on this little retro 2d platformer, especially to study and improve my pixel art abilities. I use the c64 color palette & 8x8 tiles to achieve a retro look. You can already test/play some levels at ->
  6. Hello, i want to introduce you to a new game i am working on. Labyrinth - Quest for Gold is a maze game, where you play a little adventurer, who searches for treasures in a large labyrinth of caves full of enemies (like snakes) and dangerous traps. Try it out here: Play with cursor keys, press 'R' to reload level. On Mobile you play with the buttons at the bottom (until now not optimized/tested). ToDo: - adding more levels (finished game will have 50 - 100) - adding more types of enemies - adding music and sfx - title screen - menu screen . optimizing for mobile devices Tell me what you think! All Coding and Graphic Art by Chupup Games
  7. Oi Sharbel! Muito bom & good luck with this. I am a html5 developer living in brasil, too.
  8. UPDATE: added some nice Zombies...soon you can blow there heads up
  9. If you don't want to setup a local server on your own (for example with Xampp), then I recommend you use something like Brackets ( or Netbeans. They come with their own build-in, ready to use local web servers, where you can test your game with one click.
  10. If you want make games using jQuery then I can recommend this book for your: A more general but very good introduction can be found in this book:
  11. @Binary Moon: Thanks, the music bug is fixed & i also added a loading screen I will working on the levels now and adding some nice weapons in the next release, too.
  12. This will be my first html5 platform game. It is still in early alpha stage. Future releases will have many different levels, enemies, weapons and collectibles. Mobile support is planned. On desktop control the player with cursor keys. You can try the current version here:
  13. sorry, just see your posts now. I could do simple animations with Spriter.
  14. @beancoder: Thank you! I subscribed now and looking forward doing the course