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  1. (former * Add Card.Ninja (MTG card tester) * Update Ubik 2D (fullscreen viewport) * Update Stones in Clouds Game (spells) * Update the blog * Update android application
  2. I had no college in IT when I started my first official non freelance job Now I have more than 8+ years of proffesional experience The skills is all that matters the college is obsolete information
  3. Added Three.js variant for all those who're more into 3D demo:
  4. Well Judge for yourself 3 dollars per month is not too much but maybe they changed the api or sth or Im doing something wrong But I see their ads in my game and all they give is about 3$ per month this is ridiculous Maybe i am doing something wrong and you will have more luck I am just honestly telling my case
  5. I can confirm that they pay a lot less after time like 100x less
  6. So I've updated the documentation as it sucked Also added a benchmark
  7. Introduction Hi I am a long time programmer in JavaScript mostly But recently I switched to Unity Which has some great concepts. I tried to implement a simple framework to mimic the: Scene -> GameObjects -> Scripts / Components structure in JavaScript License: MIT Base concept You create GameObjects + Scripts / Components. Each GameObject has a Transform property which is either a base Vector3 instance some kind of i.e. pixi.js or three.js object. Scripts have a many to one relationship with a GameObject. You append a script's Transform to a GameObject's Transform. Once you call one GameObjects onUpdate it propagates to all its children. You can reference a Transform's parent GameObject by this.gameObject accessor and GameObject's Transform by this.transform in GameObject context.
  8. The purpouse Of course we all have Chrome Profiler, but what if... What if we're so crazy to write a nodejs backend game? Profiling in node has never been easier! Just plug in relevant fluffy.time and fluffy.timeEnd similar to console.time and console.timeEnd calls in your code It will collect the data, aggregate it, and if required at any moment (like once in a gameloop when in debugging mode)... Print it out with fluffy.debugAll or to lesser extent fluffy.debug. TL; DR
  9. Update: They paid me after I emailed them like 10 times Will continue using it This is fragment from my paypal: Uwaga od użytkownika Orangegames Holding B.V. Vooxe/Tunnl August € 48,11, September € 17,27, October € 11,82, November € 10,90, December € 5,22 payment 2017! Szczegóły Nadawca: Orangegames Holding B.V.93,32 EUR Opłata-ujemne 3,06 EUR Suma90,26 EUR
  10. My two cents/My story: Registered at game `Vikings Village Party Hard` in AUGUST 2017 Read that I need revenue on the level of 50 Euro before they pay me. OK. Then we wait 60 days OK. I haven't received ANY payments so far. Attaching screenshot from paypal (incoming transfers selected, Euro, none as you see) Attaching screenshot from their old system as you can see it was well above 50 Euro even before 2018 January This should get you thinking about the GD Franchise.
  11. It will always use latest pixi. have fun with it. Regards, Jacek
  12. Hello, haven't been here for a while, in the meantime - I've created with the help of my friend (Andrzej Bieniek, graphical designer) and Marcin 'Gonthek' Nowak (music) a multiplayer bar fight game about vikings flying chickens and being ginger. The game engine is custom made by me, the skeleton is on npm. you can try it: Above engine consists of game > levels > characters and loops for each of above 3 The backend is therefore nodejs and on frontend it is pixijs <3 This game is pixel art style with a bit chibi anime touch if you prefer, all graphics are custom made by my friend Andrzej Bieniek. Currently hosting on heroku minimal paid plans 2 servers europe and asia and struggling with adding commercials to this otherwise totally free game. Feel free to ask anything about the game I'll try to answer as good as I can
  13. Basically you can try to increase font size like x2 or x4 and use scale.x, scale.y = 0.5 / 0.25