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  1. Aaaah, ok, makes more sense
  2. 600 MB !! without the attachments 😲 We talked so much ?!! Or maybe there are the pictures in the export ?
  3. Good news! Thanks @rich Injecting all that old posts in a ready-only archive section of the new forum will be the perfect solution!
  4. What a pity, we'll switch forum just before the Guinness Book to state Wingnut Chronicles as the longest post ever made by the human race.
  5. The fact the url is on babylon.com host has to do with DNS, it does not tell if the forum belongs to Babylon. DK said in the first post that he ask people at Discourse if they can offer to host BJS forum. At my ears that sounds as kind of a dependency, but maybe I've misunderstood the first post. Yeah we have not lost any data for now, and DK propose Rich to pay for keeping that old forum as an archive, but one day anything can happen when you are not in full control of your stuff 😯
  6. Yep! And the question now is: Is that new discourse forum a place where we really are autonomous, or will we depend on external futur choices constraining us to move again (and loose data) in several years?
  7. This forum is not just a warm place where we drink beers, it is also the additional user manual of BJS, all the info and ideas written here ARE the references that allows people to actually use BJS in so many ways. --> +1 for a backup of every old posts. Because if we loose that old database, be prepared to 1. answer again everything already answered, 2. forget many excellent code tricks, 3. experience a significative drop of new BJS users due to lack of relevant info Also, while switching to a new empty forum, be prepared to tell people several times per day "this already has be
  8. Waaaah, amazing!! That was pretty fast, only three little years 🤣
  9. la petite bande audio des familles 😊
  10. Wowww, ultra cool. 😍 Looks very promising.
  11. Just to add my two cents. Sometimes keeping too much backward compatibility lead to awful paterns, ugly code and less and less optimised libs... I think we should avoid BJS to become an IE kind of mess 😋 Breaking changes are not convenient for users, but this is exactly what SEMVER is for. This is the price to pay to keep a strong tool over time. We sometimes have to dare to take some painful decisions to ensure powerfull and long life to the lib. Users can understand, accept and adapt. It is for their final good. "Simple, yet powerfull" does not mean "so simple you n
  12. A better drummer can give you many good breaks, if you need some Always funny to put faces to forum peoples.
  13. Excellent, we'll soon be able to render a whole galaxy!
  14. since I need to change everything in it I think it is easier and better choice to create a new builder each time
  15. Hmm, I also need to remove previous holes already added...
  16. Also about the resulting built mesh's name ? I can't specifiy different name for different meshes built with one single builder... (except by changing private var _name of the builder)
  17. Unfortunatly I don't know how to use the memory profiler to track such a specific element (I'm using FF Developper, and for those particular debugging aspect the doc is crapy, is there a good tool and doc for this profiling stuff in Edge ?). I'd like to keep my builder alive, but there is no setter to update the path (contours var of the constructor). I could manually empty points and _outlinePoints and _points and "toe points" and set all of them again, but it would be a hack I'm not sure if clean enough to work in any case, and it's then almost the same as creating a brand new builder..
  18. I know there is no dispose for this class, that's why I posted my question. Once finished, my function leaves its scope, but this function is called often and create a new PolygonMeshBuilder each time. I supposed gc cleans them but was not sure. I will assign undefined at the end for safety. Anyway how can I check if an object stay in memory ?
  19. Hi, Is there a clean way to dispose a PolygonMeshBuilder used in a function or it is not usefull to do so because gc will do it for us when function is terminated?
  20. Wohaoo that's super nice!!!!! I really like it.
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