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  1. I saw on the Pixi github that one of the items on the roadmap is a Typescript definition file. This really excites me, as Typescript 1.0 just got released, and I am in the process converting. What's the status on the Typescript definition? (no rush or anything, just wondering how much of a priority it is?) Also, I'm aware there's a Pixi definition on DefinitelyTyped, but that version is to my knowledge several versions old. Thanks for the response.
  2. Since the mask is just setter property, can multiple display objects be masked by a single graphics object? In the future, would display object be able to have multiple different masks? Thanks for your response.
  3. Interesting catch. I also think width should return the absolute value. EDIT: Now that I think about it, the negative width would probably make it more intuitive to calculate the visual bounding box of a sprite.
  4. Very cool. This got me thinking, maybe we should all pitch in to create a "Pixi Toolkit", full of a bunch of useful HTML5 apps that make development on Pixi much easier. "Tint/filter previewer, line/shape drawer, texture packer, etc..." Food for thought.
  5. 2dt

    Useful bitmap font tool

    Wow I didn't even know about kvazars. Fantastic. Thanks.
  6. Only learned about grapefruit after seeing your signature, xerver. In addition to making my own project based off of PIXI, I'd be interested in contributing to grapefruit anyway I can as well. Like frisellcpl said just put out a list of what needs doing =)
  7. In browsing around for useful bitmap font generators, I stumbled upon: http://renderhjs.net/shoebox/bitmapFont.htm The process, as I understand it, is you select a character set from the applet, and it copies it to clipboard, from where you paste into an image editor, edit the copied font in-place to your liking, export it back as a texture image, and the applet will then export it as fnt bitmap font, and it is one of the few generators that are able to do fnt-xml style that Pixi likes to work on. Watch the video in the link. It also has a bunch of other image editing stuff relevant to 2d work. Hope this helps people.
  8. 2dt

    New Strip class?

    Excited for the new Pixi 1.5. I was looking through the documentation, and found a few new classes that I haven't seen before. What exactly is Strip? At first glance it looks just like the Sprite class? Thanks.
  9. Grr. actually I just found the tutorial on the goodboydigital blog. Anyway, I guess I'll rephrase the question to any tips or quirks I should know about the event handling system in Pixi? Thanks.
  10. Any good tutorials on how to bind and handle events in Pixi? The documentation of each event handlers reads "interactionData" as parameter, but I don't really understand what that's supposed to be? Thanks.
  11. Fantastic. Thank you.
  12. The most prominent method for loading textures seems to be the .fromImage functions, which use URLs. What if I have a raw image source, but no URL (like an image generated inside the app). How would I go about making a texture out of that?
  13. Is it just me, or is the PIXI.Texture documentation broken? Every time I click on it, it just redirects back to the current documentation listing. Thanks
  14. 2dt

    Renderable property?

    Apologies if this was already asked, but I searched and couldn't find an answer. What exactly does the 'renderable' property do? From my experience with other 2d frameworks, you have opacity, which is a number value, then you have visibility, which toggles hiding or showing. Since Pixi as a renderable AND a visible property, what exactly is the difference between the two? Does marking something as not renderable yield any particular performance benefit?
  15. Do you guys have any plans on text formatting functionality? Being able to have different text styles in one Pixi text object. For example: This is a bold string and an italic string as well as the strikethrough within a single Pixi text object. Also, do you guys plan on adding different orientation support (like vertically oriented text for oriental characters)? Thanks for the great work you guys are doing.