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  1. Endless Siege is one of our latest games. You can play it on clashdome.io https://clashdome.io/endless-siege/
  2. Hi @Chelsea, I just signed and would like to know more about your platform.
  3. I need to produce games with vectorial graphics. They need to look crispy on any given resolution. Any recommendation besides paper.js?
  4. I'd try with Phaser 3, it will be easier to produce the game interface and menus
  5. I'm thinking of doing a fantasy billiard game. Cartoon style, non standard table geometries and with some effects like balls exploding or bouncing on elastic obstacles. Any artist interested? Please write me a private message.
  6. A game I did a while ago, available for licensing. Play it here .
  7. Battleships. A classic with nice pre-rendered 3D graphics. Available for licensing.
  8. I draw a grid of lines with Phaser.Graphics. Behind I use pixelart like this (attached) that I scale by a factor 5. I set "smoothed" to true.
  9. One of our latest games, available on gamedistribution and for non-exclusive licensing. It was a hit in India
  10. You are right, I didn't invest much time on that. I quickly tried before with a pure random shot but the whole thing is not that easy because the result needs to look natural. An algorithm that selects the best ball and pocket using randomness in the shot would look better. I'll do it for the next game I'm coding and I'll update this.
  11. Thanks for the compliments, I'll forward them to the guy who coded the game. AI calculations are quite intensive. I'll check the game with firefox.
  12. Level based billiard game. At the end of each lesson you play a match against its boss (AI). Available for licensing (it may contain contain some little bugs that we are currently fixing). Play it here.
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