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  1. @gabdar Also sounds like the start of the zombies from The Last of Us.

  2. RT @Northwem: 油断してたら後ろからサイコクラッシャー #DarkSouls3 https://t.co/7J4y1ohYYh

  3. Thank you! This worked perfectly! Your explanation really helped me to understand how this works.
  4. Hi there! I'm having an issue with trying to figure out best practices with creating multiple sprites on a screen. I've been using this blog post as a reference for how to structure my game into classes: http://toastedware.com/?p=258 and so far it's been great. I like how neat it leaves my code. However, I've been trying to create multiple instances of a class and whenever a new instance appears, the previous one loses all of its properties and just drops into the ether. Any advice on how to move forward? I've tried creating a group, but I'm not sure how to pass the class into it. For reference, here is my game so far: https://github.com/JLevstein/tigertail/tree/master/js