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  1. Liked it! Reminded me of some PSX games. BTW, is the scoreboard actually online?
  2. GM:S exports to the native code (Java in case of Android), so it's at least more stable.
  3. Have you tried using delta time trick? Multipling all speed variables and dividing all timers by delta variable will give you the same game speed on all FPS (just smoother on higher ones). In our case using delta time gave a pretty smooth experience with 30 FPS (with 60 initial) on Samsung Galaxy S3's stock browser which is 2012 and had very poor HTML5/canvas support even for its time.
  4. Windows 10, Firefox 56.0.1. This browser version is quite buggy anyway.
  5. The game freezes after pressing the puzzles button, with ReferenceError: TouchList is not defined in console. Nice design though.
  6. I've figured out that the blur was caused by <viewport> HTML tag on iOS and by <MobileOptimized><HandheldFriendly> meta on Android. Too strange...
  7. Up. Experiencing the same issue when managing canvas scaling via GMS; although, when pinching the webpage down even a little, the blurness immediately comes off (left – untouched, right – pinched down; iPhone 6, Safari): The game above is 1280x1920, so, it's not because of scaling up to fil the screen. I guess that we should manage canvas scaling not via GMS, but via JS (since GMS' method gives such ugly results), but what is the best way to do that?
  8. Yes, I've meant that one and it still gives me 403... UPD: Nevermind, using a proxy worked well.
  9. The link to the form gives me 403 – anybody else figured out how to get it working?
  10. It's much better choice to use GMS 1.4 now – GMS2 is still in beta and have a lot of bugs. Although, you can check, which functions were changed or removed in GMS2 and code in GMS1 to reach maximum code compatibility without GMS2-generated compatibility scripts.
  11. If you're planning to deploy not only HTML5 games, but also mobile versions (not wrapped HTML5 builds with tools like Intel XDK), GMS is a good choice – and the main reason is that you still can use JS via extension system, which allows to communicate with different APIs or to implement specific JS functions. However, if you're focused on mobile HTML5 only, Phaser is easier to optimize.
  12. Filipp_BSG

    Can you show this game?
  13. In case of "rare bugs" try to create a blank project and export old resources to it.
  14. Firefox 50.1.0, Win7 – links on your website are unclickable (however, can be opened via right-click menu). Nice productivity through.