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  1. Hello again!! Here I leave a microgame, it cannot be simpler, it is a PONG!!! PONGbit is a game for two players. Whoever reaches 10 points will win πŸ˜—. Play from GameJolt!!!LINK: https://ames/PONGbit/382047
  2. Hi all, this is another of my games!!! VIRUSbit is based on the famous game Asteroids but with mutant viruses that have infected a computer system. Each time all viruses on the screen are removed, another wave of viruses will be created. This never ends. Play from GameJolt!!! LINK:
  3. Hi everyone !!! Recently I created another one of my little games, it’s called DINObit, this time based on a game called "T-Rex Chrome", ... that of Google. I have added my personal touch and some extra. The game consists of overcoming obstacles that you encounter along the way, it is very simple. Play from GameJolt!!! LINK: Bye!!!
  4. It is very entertaining πŸ˜€.
  5. Hi all!!! πŸ˜‹ This time I created another game with my own style (with a very small resolution, colors, ...), where we take control of a man captured by a somewhat bad alien, play with us before eating. You will have to take all the possible coins in case you escape alive and you will be a millionaire (you never escape, but you don't know it πŸ™„ ). PD: As much as you try, in the end they eat you 😱 Play from GameJolt!!! LINK: