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  1. Chat in Meteor is pretty easy to implement.
  2. I'm developing a tile-engine server for Meteor. I will be posting the source on Github when i reach a certain point.
  3. The cpm sounds like an important setting, il keep it in mind. I'm assuming Ludei has released an updated ad api or something along those lines.
  4. i will attempt to get the ads flowing again i've been kinda inactive in the game recently
  5. We can produce a high quality old school 8-bit theme song for you'r game. That you can licence for commercial use. Samples Here Contact us here for business inquires.
  6. UPDATE : I took ads out of my current version so ignore the live version in the app stores! Sorry.
  7. I am having this issue as well. Move to pointer goes off of the real screen size and not the game width and height.
  8. After sprite.loadTexture('image'); How do I update the physics body to align with the new texture.
  9. Anyone know how to make a button that fires evens when it is held down?
  10. the first step would be connecting the network in the mopub control pannel look at the CocoonJS guide it tell everything.
  11. when you execute this code segment. * 1, fadePicture, this);After the timer is finished is it removed from memory so you can call it again without use more and more memory? I hope this make since.
  12. I would say check all you're ID and check the settings in the cocoonJS panel.
  13. CocoonJS will do it all for you. It has better performance than PhoneGap from my personal testing.
  14. Thank you, and all their accounts are free at the moment you just have to request a premium account.
  15. How to use CocoonJS Ads Plugin with a Phaser / HTML5 Game. <DISCLAIMER> I have removed ads from the live version. This method may be outdated. </DISCLAIMER> Requirements Premium CocoonJS AppUse of CocoonJS Compiler or Launcher Mopub Account Alright to keep this as simple as possible you need to setup a MoPub account. Ludei has a tutorial on setting up Ads with MoPub when you use their service. It can he found here After you complete this setup you need to edit the settings in your Project settings on a premium CocoonJS account. Go to the "Ads" section of the settings and then fill in your banner IDs from MoPub in the "Apple AppStore" section and the "Google PlayStore" section. These ids can be found when you are in MoPub's control pannel. Now to the code! In your index.html you need to include the following JavaScript files provided by Ludei. <script src="libs/CocoonJSExtensions/CocoonJS.js"></script> <script src="libs/CocoonJSExtensions/CocoonJS_Ad.js"></script> <script src="libs/CocoonJSExtensions/CocoonJS_App.js"></script> These files can be downloaded here Reminder: You need a premium account to use these files. In your Phaser game JavaScript file you need to add the following function. function banner() { CocoonJS.Ad.onBannerReady.addEventListener(function() { CocoonJS.Ad.setBannerLayout(CocoonJS.Ad.BannerLayout.BOTTOM_CENTER); CocoonJS.Ad.showBanner(); }); }and in your load function or where ever you want the Ad to load run the function banner();This should work if I'm missing something just let me know! Final Product! ( !!! Go Terry in the Play Store !!! --> HERE (Using adMob)