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    Tuan reacted to chung in mywebglflightspace 3D webgl space flight sim   
    (29/06/2019) new screenshot added

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    Tuan reacted to vohogames in Any mobile games done with Phaser?   
    Hi Tuan,
    Here is the link. it may help.
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    Tuan reacted to Eric Matyas in Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1900 Tracks   
    Hi everyone,

    I've got a site up with over 1900 tracks original music and sound fx that you are welcome to freely to use for commercial projects as well as non-commercial ones.


    All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage.

    I hope the site is useful. And and all feedback is welcome and much appreciated.


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    Tuan reacted to BdR in What Spritesheet toolkit does everyone use?   
    Just to show screenshots of all the tools that are available.. The online tool Leshy SpriteSheet Tool is also pretty good (I know Cut It! used it).
    It has a pixel-padding option and you can export the data to: Text, JSON, CSS, JSON-TP-Hash, JSON-TP-Array, XML, ImageMagick. The only downside I can think of for this one, is that it's an online-tool so you never know if the website might go down at some point and you can't use it anymore. Also you can't save the current project like in TexturePacker, but if you just keep your original image files you don't really need to anyway.

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    Tuan reacted to georgejfrick in What Spritesheet toolkit does everyone use?   
    I don't think you can. In this case I recreate the sheet, then I do a 'diff' on the sheet atlas (json) to account for any differences that I may need to hand tweak. For Phaser you can usually recreate the sheets at will without saving a tps file as long as you are loading as an atlas:
    game.load.atlasJSONHash( "textureKey" , "media/texture.png", "media/texture.json" ); So you don't have to worry about things moving around the sheet on you, and a simple diff can remind you of any tweaks you need to remake.
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    Tuan got a reaction from shohan4556 in Game list of phaser games   
    Hi Sohan,
    Just a quick search... Maybe it is the solution.
    Remove the div:
    <body> <script> window.onload = function(){ var game = new Phaser.Game(330,550,Phaser.CANVAS,''); // declare GameState game.state.add('Boot',GameState.Boot); game.state.add('Preload',GameState.Preload); game.state.add('Menu',GameState.Menu); game.state.add('Play',GameState.Play); game.state.add('Game',GameState.Game); game.state.add('Win',GameState.Win); //start state start game.state.start('Boot'); }; </script> </body>
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    Tuan reacted to trill in [Phaser] Run and Jump   
    Change the graphics. This Kenney stuff are all over the place.
    And maybe try to do add some stuff to gameplay. Try to be a little more creative. There is just too many this kind of games out there...
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    Tuan reacted to Sammi3 in Read my new blog on getting a game project done   
    Thanks for the reply My latest post is an open call for game testers, you can read this here. If you're interested, drop an email to sammi3@intim8s.cc.cc with the subject 'Game Testing' to get involved. Requirements are for you to fill in a questionnaire after playing the prototype. Thank you!
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    Tuan reacted to Bilge Kaan in Free Game Assets   
    Hi guys,
    I have some free assets to share. They are not much, but may help.
    The zip contains some capx ( Construct 2 Files ) and game arts from my abandoned projects. 
    Link : http://td2tl.com/assets/free-game-assets/
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    Tuan reacted to Pooya72 in This TED Talk helped me to find game ideas everywhere and every time i want   
    Shimpei Takahashi: Play this game to come up with original ideas
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    Tuan reacted to kieve in Advanced Tutorial: Building composite maps in Phaser using Tiled   
    Haha, yeah sorry. It's late. I updated with the link like 20 seconds before your post
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    Tuan reacted to kieve in Advanced Tutorial: Building composite maps in Phaser using Tiled   
    Hey guys. I decided to write a tutorial on how to build maps in Tiled and use them in Phaser. The main focus is using many Tiled maps in a single Phaser map. This makes creating content much easier as you don't have to do much world building in code. This is my first tutorial, so if anyone does read it I would love any feedback. Feel free to ask any questions here as well. I use Phaser 2.3.0 dev in this tutorial, as it exposes the "type" properties in Tile maps.
    It covers building two Tiled maps, a world and a house to put in that world. This includes moving Tilemaps around and getting collision working. It creates a basis for a topdown rpg game, feel free to use it.
    Warning: It's pretty long
    You can find the tutorial at http://www.kieve.ca/
    For a demo of what I build in the tutorial, visit http://www.kieve.ca/demos/RPG/
    You can download the project here: http://www.kieve.ca/demos/RPG.zip
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    Tuan reacted to rich in Phaser Coding Tips 1   
    This thread is for discussion about Phaser Coding Tips 1.
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    Tuan reacted to rich in Phaser 2.2.2 "Alkindar" is Released   
    I'm very pleased to announce the first Phaser release of 2015
    2.2.2 brings a couple of much needed fixes to the party, including that wonderful Safari tilemap blitting issue. And also loads of arcade physics issues reported on github solved via a single "updateTransform" call in the core loop. There are also a handful of new features (line reflection and audio blobs being nice ones) and lots of little updates.
    I also gave the Github page a revamp: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser
    Download, code and enjoy
    I'm jumping back to the State Manager / Phaser Internals book now. I hope to release it early next week.
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    Tuan reacted to triqui in [completed][phaser]Christmas Quest   
    100 levels of drawing match 3 for your pleasure
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    Tuan reacted to rich in A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager + Code Bundle   
    Hi all,
    I'm very pleased to announce that my second Phaser book: A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager is now available:

    This time I take a very deep dive into the new Phaser 2.2 Tween Manager. I know what you may be thinking: "I don't really need a book telling me how to tween stuff!" - but hopefully after reading it you may come away with some more ideas and unique ways of implementing tweens in your games.
    I also cover pre-calculation, applying tweens to shaders, tilesprites, all the different ease types with visual demos and even a complete game made just with tweens (and one input event).
    This time around the book does have a minimum price, but it's only $5 ($10 if you want the source code too) - this is mostly because it's 120 pages in size and took longer to write than my previous book.
    There is also an optional source code bundle too. It includes 67 fully complete examples, all in easy to run html files, showing every example from the book in detail. Some screen shots of those are below:

    Anyway I hope you like it! I'm starting on my next book tomorrow
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    Tuan reacted to fariazz in List of Phaser Tutorials   
    Hey guys!
    Just published a new Phaser tutorial at the HTML5 Hub which also uses some basic Cordova API and the Intel XDK:
    Hope you like it!
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    Tuan reacted to qdrj in [Phaser, casual, complete] Pandalicious   
    Play [fullscreen, any device]
    Our humble attempt to create game with Jelly Splash game mechanic which is my favourite among all match3-like games.
    Game was intentionally developed as simple witouth many features. I wanted to see how html5 publishers will accept this game. 
    But we are going to develop sequel with levels map, different tasks and all that stuff.
    So we need your feedback to polish this one and use it as base for sequel.
    Game was exclusively licensed by SoftGames and available there also - http://m.softgames.de/games/play/pandalicious
    Thanks in advance!

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    Tuan reacted to OttoRobba in List of Phaser Tutorials   
    I just released a tutorial for creating a menu screen with pointer tracking (think Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy)!
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    Tuan got a reaction from metalNumb in Simple plain game   
    There are some topics about porting Phaser game to Android/iOS by using both Cordova (Phonegap) and CocoonJS (Ludei).
    I tried both of them. I think using the Phonegap Cloud build tool is very easy
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    Tuan reacted to dss in List of Phaser Tutorials   
    Heres a tutorial I wrote on 3D mixins with Three and Phaser
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    Tuan reacted to catch in List of Phaser Tutorials   
    Do you read Japanese?
    I wrote new tutorial enhanced "Making your first Phaser game".
    This example is enchanced some points like these.
    change rule of game and add time limit add Main menu. use Basic project templates. add sounds If you don't read Japanese, please check demo and source code.
    demo http://www.catch.jp/program/phaser/002/index.html
    source https://github.com/ycatch/games-phaser-jumping-dude
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    Tuan reacted to zackproser in [Phaser][Completed] CanyonRunner   
    Hi Tuan,
    Thanks so much for trying it out. I appreciate your feedback. I minimized all my js but I'm afraid it's all the large music files taking forever.
    Also still need to figure out why it plays so well on my Android chrome but is totally unplayable on iPhone browsers.
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    Tuan reacted to Mariusz in Game list of phaser games   
    I have recently finished polishing my game called 'Alien Run for the Moon!' using the latest Phaser version (2.1.3) and CocoonJS (2.1). I published the game on Google Play earlier today. Altogether the game took a good chunk of my free time to finish. I only tested the game on my Nexus 5 and it works rather well, but that's just one fairly high-end smartphone. 

    The game itself is about an alien that's stranded on an asteroid that you're supposed to fly back to the moon by collecting crystals and avoiding obstacles such as bombs and asteroids. As a bonus, there are 26 parts of a spaceship that the player can occasionally spot and collect. I did this as I wanted to provide the feeling that there is a long term goal to playing this game. 

    I think overall the game offers a nice experience, although I'd love any feedback. I don't even know how to market this and if it's worthy of any marketing whatsoever.

    You can download the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.oddlogic.tothemoon
    Literally all feedback is welcome!
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    Tuan reacted to fariazz in List of Phaser Tutorials   
    I had the wrong URL. it's fixed now. (it's not my site btw, it was a guest post)