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  1. Yes. Exactly this way. I also recorded a video to show what happens. If you look correctly. The button appears for ca. 1 frame:
  2. Hi! I tested it on an iPhone 5S with the lastest iOS7 and Cocoon 2.01 and 2.02 (custom build)
  3. Seems like I found a bug. Your button example works with just using one button. But if I add a sprite, the button disappears on Cocoon (2.0.1). Here's an example:
  4. This test works! Did you apply a patch on phaser?
  5. Does anybody have problems with buttons and CocoonJS in canvas mode? Clicking the button works, but it doesn't get displayed. On desktop browsers everything is working. I thought it only doesn't work in WebGL mode?
  6. Yeah, I have to implement a better introduction.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The graphics will evolve, yes. And yes, the gameplay is similar to 2048 but not absolutly the same (I heard of Threes after 2048). Well this was my first finished game in HTML5 and it's more kind of a test for me. Regards, Alex
  8. My wife makes scores of about 10k without this technique The game is similar to Threes yes. But the gameplay is a little bit different.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to show you our first finished HTML5 game called BLOGGA. The development time for this one is about 48 hours including game testing. The graphics suck a little bit at present in my opinion, so we decided to release another version soon with more cute graphics and a few more animations. A blog post about this game can be found here.
  10. Yeah it worked. I refactored my code to be event-based so that only the 60fps are needed when some animations occured. I could save about 25% of battery life regarding to the non-event approach.
  11. Hmm... you might have bring up an idea to me just now (I think this was horrible english now
  12. Hey guys, is there a way to not drain the battery of the mobile devices? I have a puzzle game which does not need 60 fps, just in some cases. e.g movement of a block. Is it possible to increase and decrease the amount of frames per second via the requestFrame-method ?? If you play my game on a mobile device, the battery will be empty in about 4 hours or so. Although, nothing happens on the screen but rendering.
  13. I had a similar issue. The pixi.js examples went fine on my android Nexus 5.But in my game, the performance with Chrome was horrible. After changing it to canvas, everything was fine.
  14. You can package your HTML5 game/app for example with cocoon.js. Then you have a "native" iOS or Android app.
  15. iOS 7 distribution at 74%, iOS 6 at 22% got the info from this page: