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  1. The point of #lowrezjam is to code a game that could fit inside of a 32x32 pixel display without any mid-pixel interpolation. It appears that Chrome and IE have upscaling issues that I haven't yet been able to figure out, so try to play this in: Firefox, or Safari There's music, and the game tries to move with the beat. Left/Right arrows to move. Because it's a WIP, currently you must refresh to restart PLAY: dualiet: #lowrezjam wip entry Thoughts? Comments?
  2. Here's my current WIP for #lowrezjam IE and Chrome have upscaling problems that I'm still trying to work out. Firefox and Safari are the best right now. Left/Right arrows to move. Right now, you'll have to refresh when you die. DUALIET:
  3. Haha... Man... That -is- weird. Did you just rip the js code from the herokuapp site?
  4. Chrome will not do this properly. You'll have to use Firefox of Safari.
  5. If you're not familiar with the presentation, it's vital that you go watch it: Now that you've done that, this plugin currently allows you to easily implement the following effects: Camera ShakeScreen FlashObject TrailsOver ScalingMouse StretchJelly Effect DEMO SOURCE I've made a pull request and I hope rich will merge it into the official repo.
  6. I've been playing around with triangles recently and I came up with this experiment: I've added drawTriangles to the Phaser.Graphics class, and if you guys like it, I'll submit it to the repo and see what Rich says. Thoughts?
  7. Here's my entry: It has some real problems.
  8. It's just a scene, not an actual game: Everything except for the particle was made on the canvas
  9. I'm done for the night. Http://
  10. Holy Crap this game is difficult. But it's fun.
  11. I updated it so you can click to add food for the fishes.
  12. Of course. The swarm plugin would allow you to set the parameters for a given swarm. Right now, all of the parameters are hard coded for development's sake. It's not even a plugin right now, just a tech demo.
  13. The plugin will basically convert any group to a flock and you can set either a single seek gameobject as a seek target, or a group of items as seek targets. I updated the code on the demo to show the group seeking functionality. You'll also be able to set the alignment, cohesion, and separation values, as well as speeds and seeking weight.
  14. I just created a little experiment that I'm considering rolling into a plugin that would allow you to give flocking/swarming/seeking behavior to your groups: Any interest?
  15. It uses the old boids algorithm to flock and seek towards food. I'm working on rolling it into a plugin so that you can extend groups with flocking behavior. There are currently 300 boids on screen, and it seems to run fairly well.. Thoughts?
  16. If there were an Asset Store, like unity's, I'd spend so much money.
  17. Especially when you consider that so many sites don't pay for content creation.
  18. I was able to negotiate a pretty good "content creation" flat rate, a good royalties percentage, and a direct referral kickback. Not too shabby.
  19. The guys over at's Game Dev Academy saw my tutorial series and reached out to me and asked me to do a video tutorial on Phaser with a focus on mobile gaming. I created this simple game that runs flawlessly on desktop and iDevices. If anyone has an android device they would like to test it on and tell me if it works, it'd be much appreciated. Zenva Runner
  20. I'm in on this. I've got a stash of adderall, a carton of cigarettes, and a pound of coffee. Lets do this.
  21. Part 5 of my tutorial series is up: