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  1. I'm building an idle-type game and it's imperative that it runs while not the active browser tab.
  2. Disregard this topic. The docs say right at the top that it works in CANVAS only.
  3. Trying to use game.debug.render<anything> results in a null return due to not having context when using WebGL mode. Is it possible to get this info when not using canvas?
  4. I know it's a small thing to ask, but can you update the bower.json to reflect the new version and publish the new bower package? Thank you for this release, by the way. I'm not quite ready to jump into a fully new release. Or should I be?
  5. That's kinda what I thought. Second question, can I change blink the alpha of a sprite without needing to set up a sprite sheet with two frames?
  6. The game has had over 10,000 plays since I posted here yesterday. What the hell is wrong with people?
  7. I decided for my first phaser game I should mimic the currently popular and hated: Flappy Bird source: Any feedback on my code would be appreciated.
  8. Using phaser 1.1.4, I want to create a square. This square will be the player. I don't want to have to import an image. I came from flixel, in which I could create a square, give it a color. Everything I've read seems to indicate that I'll have to import an image for a sprite. Can I just create it programmatically without needed external assets, or must every sprite have an image?