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  1. Yes, when I used CANVAS mode on new Phaser.Game(...)- profiler shows correct information, without big idle time on each frame.
  2. The answer found! This situation happens when game uses GPU for render, and the CPU waiting when GPU calculation will be completed. This white bars show what the renderer thread was busy. More information -
  3. This code: rootLayer =,0,null); //create the main layer of the game.On resize game: var h = window.innerHeight;var w = window.innerWidth;var x2y = (h/;rootLayer.scale.setTo(1,1/x2y);,h/,0,0);
  4. Hello! In the game, build on Phaser, when I used scale USER_SCALE or EXACT_FIT image quality is too bad (look at pic 1) , but when I used a SHOW_ALL scale method, that image is good (look at pic 2), even on same window size Is there a way to have a good picture quality with USER_SCALE method?
  5. Hello! In game, made on Phaser (2.1.3) is too much idle time on each frame. This causes FPS(frame per second) drop below 60. Drawing takes minimum time, but the wait of the next frame lasts longer than necessary(have a look at white bars on the screenshot). What causes this problem and how it could be solved?
  6. Wins

    2 scale modes

    Hello! I want set for background layer scale mode to Phaser.ScaleManager.EXACT_FIT, and the for game's layer - to mode Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; It's possible? If yes, how I can do this?
  7. Firebug logs - error on app.js, line 296 "TypeError: status is null if ( == 'playing') { "
  8. Game freeze on preloader screen PS: FireFox 27.0.1
  9. You can write game in GameMaker Studio and publish it in App Store, Google Play etc
  10. My target is 60 on desktop, 45-50 fps on iOS devices (iPhone 4, iPad 3 etc), and not less 30 fps on Android devices(phones and tablets not older 2 years)