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  1. Thanks, this will help.
  2. Any update on this? I would like to know how to interact with ladders and ropes as well as that is where I'm at in my game dev.
  3. I found the problem with my player falling through the world in a multi-layer Tiled map. I had to specify the layer in the setCollision. After fixing that problem, I found a great tutorial via the GameDev Weekly email that showed how to load up a collectables layer for the player to interact with. This was exactly what I was looking for. Tutorial: http://www.gamedevacademy.org/html5-phaser-tutorial-top-down-games-with-tiled
  4. I've gone through the Phaser book, excellent by the way; but, when building my first game for my son using the Kenney.nl assets, I've run into a problem where the player doesn't collide with the ground layer of the Tiled json file. The game will be a simple coin collector with a key(s) on each level to unlock certain items or power-ups. I've gone through the spritesheet where all of the images are used for Tiled and counted from the top left, zero-based, to the right and wrapping down to start the new row on the left. I counted to the tiles that are used for the ground and used those numbers to set the collision for the map and had set the collision between the ground and the player and the player falls through and never collides with the ground. Here's a dropbox link to a zip file containing the source. I got rid of the Grunt and Bower folders to keep the zip file small (node modules folder and a vendor folder that was used for Bower). Just run Grunt install and Bower install to get those files and folders. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7534840/AlienAdventures.zip What am I missing? Trying to develop this game now, I'm discovering some things I wish would have been in the book... like a multi-layer Tiled map to interact with. **** There is still code for Require.js that I thought of using, but will be removing it since it wouldn't make a big difference in performance - Just ignore that code ****
  5. Thanks JCS, I'll try the Atlas method. Most of the images will be draggable by the player, so I won't need to animate the images unless I add some new feature that requires animation.
  6. I'm still new to Phaser and have a concern of best practice for loading up images with my main concern being performance. I understand how to load up images and sprites (for characters and such), but I'm building a game much like Scrabble and I created a spritesheet containing all of the images I would need. I was able to load up the board for the game, but now I want to load up the rest of the images in that spritesheet. The only option I can think of is to cut up the spritesheet in PS and have individual images to load up separately; I don't think a tilemap would work in my situation. I was hoping to have one spritesheet (png) to load and just tell Phaser where all of the images are in that spritesheet. I would think this would be something of a best practice instead of loading each image individually. I'm also experimenting with the Tiled app and generating the tilemap data and then loading whatever individual images I need to load; each image would need to be draggable. What other options are available to me?Is there a plug-in that can extend the functionality of the game.load.image function?What's the best practice in this kind of game scenario? Thanks in advance