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  1. lastnightpartry, Just to be sure - your new approach solved your problem right? I just tried it on my end at seems to work fine
  2. Hi All, I've run into a bit of an odd issue trying to load images from one domain in particular. I initially thought it was a CORS issue but it only happens in WebGL, not CANVAS. Anyone understand this? Here's a canvas example with no problem http://flashysubstance.com/edmodoCORS/phaser-cors-canvas.html Here's a WebGL example using the same exact image that pukes with the following error: "Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': The cross-origin image at https://u.ph.edim.co/default-avatars/46_140.jpg may not be loaded" http://flashysubsta
  3. Hmm, so it appears to behave much better on Android tablets than the iPad.
  4. Need my game to run inside of an iFrame on an external domain. Seems to work quite nicely, except the rotation/scaling aspect of it - I'm planning to dig deeper but wondering if anyone has already gone down this path and has any advice? Basically I'm trying to force the game to be landscape. When I do that using forceOrientation and the game's not in an iFrame, it works beautifully. When it's inside an iFrame, the orientation sprite never shows and the scaling gets a bit wacked out. I'm doing this on an iPad. I wind up having to double tap to zoom out to get the game to show completel
  5. same issue here. used richpixels workaround with no problem
  6. This one had me scratching my head for a bit. If you're trying to manage orientation using the forceOrientation method of the scaleManager - like this - this.scale.forceOrientation(true, false, 'orientationImageKey'); you're going to want to make sure that your orientation image is preloaded BEFORE that happens, else the game substitutes '__default' as your image key and all you get is a black screen when you enter the wrong orientation so, in the boot preload function I put this this.load.image('orientation', 'images/orientation.jpg'); And voila, the right image shows up When I was te
  7. George - I needed this too and your answer helped me out so I "liked" it. Thanks! Here's a small example ... CREATING THE TIMER this.countdownTimer = this.game.time.create(true); this.countdownEvent = this.countdownTimer.loop(1000, this.updateCounter, this); this.countdownTimer.start(); REMOVING THE TIMER this.countdownTimer.remove(this.countdownEvent);
  8. for one, you might be looking at old docs - look at clearworld and clearcache parameters http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.StateManager.html#start in some cases I make variables global when it makes sense (attach them to window, or something like that)
  9. I've observed (both from trying it, and then looking in the code - the check comparing the min to max is there) that if you try to set an emitter's scale's min to the same value as the max, it ignores the request. I can hack around this by doing something like emitter.minParticleScale = 0.05;emitter.maxParticleScale = 0.0501; but that seems goofy. Is there a 'proper' way to set the scale as a constant? Also, as an fyi, I used to do this when I created the emitter to set scale - which no longer works in 2.0.3 ... not sure if that's intended, just passing it along as a heads up. emit
  10. have you tried putting a console.log before the call to network.server.setPosition to see whether that interval has continued to run
  11. have you tried removing this meta tag <meta name="viewport" content="minimal-ui”>
  12. Pretty sure when you create a timer the way you're doing, there is the capability for it be 'off' by small amounts that grow over time if the CPU lags. lets say it's off by 0.05 seconds the first time - then the next time it's off by 0.01 - now you're off by a total of .06. This adds up over time. This is more likely to happen on a mobile device where CPU is limited. If 'tight' timing is critical for your game, you might be better off writing some of this logic yourself. Instead of setting a timer that runs every second, you'd note the start time, and in the game's "update" loop (the upd
  13. excellent, glad it worked out!
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