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  1. Mobile version is ready! http://svejkgames.com/blog/post/its-happening-my-first-mobile-game-is-released/
  2. Yeah it was my original idea, but this way it was faster, and saves bandwidth.
  3. Red and Green You have two circles, a red and a green one. Hit the rectangles with the same color as one of your circle to gain points, but don't touch a different colored one. Instructions: Movement: Arrows or WASDFasten up circling: SPACEPlay it here: http://svejkgames.com/game/red-and-green
  4. Play it here: http://svejkgames.com/game/your-way/ Build you own way till the end of the map! Instructions: Arrows: MovementSpace: Taking down a blockR button: Restarting the current levelThe aim of the game is to go trough the game using blocks as little as possible.
  5. I like your ideas! I am working on a similar game like this and I will use your suggestions, thank you!
  6. I am happy you like it! But I made the first level easier 3 times already (first version was way harder, check it here). I will make a second game with the same concept, where will be a tutorial level.
  7. Beautiful game and fun to play! Really nice job!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Just before your reply I uploaded a modified tilemap, which in my opinion is way easier than before. Also I created a gameplay video to prove it is not impossible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK2Bs2IcZSs
  9. Hello! I just finished my newest game (after working on it for a month while learning for my exams ). The game is very simple, but really hard. You have 2 circles. Go trough the whole map with them, following the instructions. Controls: Movement: Arrows/WASDFaster spinning around the green circle: Space buttonYou can close the game any time, your last checkpoint is always saved. Come back later and the game will load you to your last reached checkpoint To reset your last position press R and C buttons simultaneously. Play it here: http://svejkgames.com/game/2-circles/
  10. WOW! Your sprite.body.moves = false solution works perfectly! Thank you for your help (again)!
  11. Hi! I saw many people has this problem, but I can't see any working solution yet. I have my tilemap loaded, a sprite with physical body and a overlap function. If I am moving my sprite like sprite.body.velocity.x=100 the overlap function between the sprite and the tile works. But if I am moving it like sprite.x+=100, then the overlap function doesn't work, but the sprite clearly overlapping the tile layer. Is there any solution for this problem? Thank you for your answers!
  12. Using Tweens in Phaser Framework: http://svejkgames.com/blog/post/using-tilemaps-in-phaser-framework/ By the way: Yes I think every 2.* is backward and forward compatible.
  13. I always use JSfxr. Awesome browser tool: http://github.grumdrig.com/jsfxr/
  14. Zenryo

    Orbiting problem

    Thank you for the answer, it works that way!
  15. Zenryo

    Orbiting problem

    Thanks for the answer! Can you please tell how did you do it?