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  1. I have found a implementation of tilemaps that work better; https://github.com/englercj/phaser-tiled
  2. I have read the newsletter, im very sorry about the brexit, but @photonstorm didnt mention anything about the tile maps + WebGL shader :S :S Quoting phaser 2.5.1 changelog (is this the fix for the tilemaps bug?); ...... Pixi Updates Please note that Phaser uses a custom build of Pixi and always has done. The following changes have been made to our custom build, not to Pixi in general. Removed _renderWebGL, _renderCanvas, getLocalBounds and getBounds from PIXI.DisplayObject, as they were only there to pass ancient jshint rules.
  3. I dont go tilemap debug on. Richard answer on twitter;
  4. Hi, yes http://phaser.io/examples/v2/tilemaps/sci-fly but its still have som issues, FPS drops to 42 - 48, you get a laggy feel
  5. I think it was something crappy in my code, but then i try the phaser tilemap demo and notice that was also too slow. Anyone have notice this? Link to phaser oficcial demo http://phaser.io/examples/v2/display/render-texture-tilemap
  6. RT @Snowden: Oh, now he's interested in privacy. https://t.co/jfCSYgensb

  7. Hello to everyone! Inspired by the emanueleferonato.com blog i build a one day prototipo of the android game aa aa gameplay Checkit out! http://eugenioclrc.github.io/aa/
  8. More working code! I manage to add slope map in arcade physics with a simple "plugin";https://github.com/eugenioclrc/super-mean-boy/blob/master/js/Arcade.slopes.js Here is a working sandbox game;http://eugenioclrc.github.io/super-mean-boy/
  9. I have send the pull request to phaser dev branch; https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/pull/856 All the feedback will be gratefully recibed!
  10. Its not the final ver but you could see it working here; http://eugenioclrc.github.io/super-mean-boy/ Code: https://github.com/eugenioclrc/super-mean-boy
  11. It had take me some time, but i think i got it! Proof When its ready i will upload the code.
  12. Wow... seems a lot of work. Just another question, could the P2 system make my game slow?, here is the demo; http://msemelman.github.io/pirate-ninja-zombie-soldier/ Its a platform game, move around with WASD, you can aim an shoot with the mouse and pressing space bar you activate the turbo. Any code advice you give will be grateful welcome!
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