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    We are a game development company that makes native and HTML5 apps. We outsource all the work and are interested in securing all types of resources.
  1. OK - Man v. Penguin was just a BLAST. The premise alone is appealing! The 8-bit art is actually kind of cute. If you embraced it (did backgrounds, paralax animation, etc.) I think it would be pretty solid!
  2. FUN! You need to tell the player what causes a "lose" scenario though. When I realized I could bounce the rocket back and forth between blocks - that opened a whole other world of gameplay. Tell the user that! Otherwise, pretty fun.
  3. Very quaint little app! I enjoyed it quite a bit. Suggestion: add some form of an interative time waster while the game is loading. Even if it's the main character watching the mouse move... The design is really quite nice and charming. I did find the controls a little sticky and not as responsive as I would have liked... But all around, quite nice!
  4. Cute and nicely polished! Did you do all of the content yourself?
  5. Holy crap I played Tunnel Runner for waaaay to long! These are a good start - if you source quality art for them you could probably sell them.
  6. At first I couldn't figure out how to play but once I did, I actually played for quite a while! I think it's a good start but you MUST add effects and feedback indicators to players. For example, when the player connects 3 blocks - make them wiggle or highlight. Feedback is crucial but a nice start!
  7. Obviously there are A LOT of Flappy Bird clones out there but I got to say - I REALLY like this! The art style is very charming. It feels akin to Doodle Jump - like it's just a game some kid drew on his binder while bored in class. Fun!
  8. I like the artistic design of the game but there is a delay after clicking a tile that was confusing. It seemed like I had to wait to click a second tile while the first tile was still fading out. This was a bit frustrating...
  9. Where did you get the art? Is that the final art you will use?
  10. Delicate topic from what I'm seeing - but as the "Bus Dev" guy for Tanuki Entertainment, I don't have much to offer in the way of coding insight so I don't think I will be able to post the minimum ammount of times to allow me accees to the sponsor list. So - is there any other way I can get access? We are a legitimate game dev studio that has secured a multigame HTML5 WFH agreement for Spil Games and published 2 title on Mac, iOS, Android and Win Phone 8 so far. Now we are branching out to develop HTML5 content for sponsorship. Check us out: www.tanukiEntertainment.com www.facebook.com\
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