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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you; ScrapSpace Shooter is an old school 2d shoot em up that lets players upload there own images to be used in the game.You can play it at www.scrapspaceshooter.com and check out the games page at http://darkspacegames.com/games/scrapspace-shooter-2/
  2. If you're willing to really dig deviantart.com has a lot of sprites that people have made freely available for commercial and noncommercial use. And Freesound.org is great for music and even fx.
  3. Desura isn't terrible it's just a hassle to set up. For a full or nearly full list of stores try here: http://www.pixelprospector.com/the-big-list-of-online-game-stores/
  4. Can anyone speak to the strengths and weaknesses of varying obfuscation solutions as they compare to each other? Also is the Gamemaker obfuscation optional? I'm picking up an HTML5 Studio license and I'd like to make some changes to the code it spits out before releasing it into the wild.
  5. Any update on this? I have a scroller I'm finishing up and I was looking at clay.io as one possible option but I have a couple of reservations. The traffic seems a little slim and the site doesn't seem to be built with phones in mind, or at least not my phone which is admittedly kind of old. HTML5s big appeal is cross platform compatibility so I think responsive web design on the portal could go a long way towards getting more users.
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    Hello everyone! Very glad to be here. I'm a programmer and general techie. I've been involved in game develepment as a hobbyist for many years now but I only started trying to do it professionally in the last few years. Still haven't quit the day job yet but I'm happy to be making progress and making games. I've done a little (very little) javascript and I know my way around html but HTML5 is a new ball game for me and I'm looking forward to exploring all the new possibilities it opens up.