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  1. Thank you suntemple! We'll probably upload the playable demo next week. We're also looking for some sponsorship for the game
  2. Hi Guys, Finally I can encourage myself to post my WIP game here.. So, the game is called "Knight&Wizard The Runaway". It's a 2 lane running game which you control 2 character at once, the Knight and the Wizard. The knight can only attack mortal creature, whereas the wizard can only attack magical creature. They are actually twins that has been separated since they were born, being captive by the evil wizards organization and now the're trying to break free. You have to jump to avoid the obstacle along the way and switch lane to banish the enemies from their path Gameplay video: Currently it's still on development, and lots of thing haven't been implemented yet. I'll update the post if it's already playable. thank you, hope you enjoy it
  3. the last update is absolutely gorgeous! can't wait to play this!
  4. Wow, like your idea man! the art looks pretty good too!
  5. awesome! nice idea and execution! I'm sure kids would love it, but why it has to be alien?
  6. snowkie


    Hey hey Blue! I think you can try to use swipe control too, it's more intuitive in some way.. and about sponsorship, you can try to directly contact them in person.. you can see the list of html5 sponsors on this forum by actively post a comment and live up this forum
  7. I've stalking your works for some time..hahaha.. i was shocked that you guys using html5! Good luck on the kickstarter and hope you would like to share some of the technical stuff with us
  8. the game has a beautiful visual and great gameplay too! you should add some sound to make it more enjoyable
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    Another great game from Masharcade beside NailBiter! this one is simple yet addicting.. the idea is also original! Great job Masharcade But, I expect maybe you can give some sound.. to give the mood to the player
  10. LoL! it's a very funny game.. and original too!
  11. cool! I can feel the "spacey" atmosphere by seeing the visuals.. when i play the video and starting to hear the music, the sound kind a embrace the visuals of this game.. It's fascinating to know that we can push html5 up into this points.. Keep up the great work Morgondag!
  12. I am using photoshop for raster 2d artwork, from doing inanimate graphics to animate one.. here's some example of what i've done for my upcoming html5 game
  13. I do my 2d assets on photoshop for raster graphic. For vector, mostly i'll draw directly on flash, and for more precision, i use coreldraw/ adobe illustrator
  14. hmm, resizing all the assets to make a games to be available on HD and non-HD is a bit tricky.. especially to aim 3mb game size
  15. Wow! the graphic and animations are well polished! I'll be looking forward to submit some html5 games with you Andre Gotta ramp up the quality first
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    Hello Everyone! I'm 2d artist from Indonesia that interested very much on HTML5 indie gamedev.. might as well learn some stuff from you guys! Greetings!