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    snowkie reacted to luceraproject in [Phaser] L'Abbaye des Morts   
    L’Abbaye des morts is a video game from the prolific @locomalito (website)  that we have ported to HTML5 + JS with the use of the Phaser framework.

    In this game you embody Jean Raymond, a monk of the order of the Cathars, persecuted by the Catholic Church for heresy by preaching about the poverty of Christ and a life without material aspirations.  
    This is a platform game where you must survive different rooms of an abandoned church, to solve the mystery that lies there.
    The style of the original game is plain colors, very similar to the colors used in the old ZX Spectrum. But you can also switch to the 256 colors graphics on the main menu screen.

    The game, which was originally developed under GameMaker, has been ported to HTML5 + JS trying to respect the original as much as possible.  
    Both source code and game resources are available in the github repository.
    Used tools:
    As code editor Brackets has been used. For the port the Phaser framework has been used. The maps have been created using Tiled . As image editor has been used Paint.NET. Links: Our post The online game The source code repository Our web site
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    snowkie reacted to hackenstein in The Wizard - Turn-Based Dungeon Puzzler (Release July 23rd) [Phaser]   
    Hey there, guys and gals!
    I'm Jan of Hypnotic Owl and I'm proud to announce July 23rd as the release date for our first bigger project, The Wizard!

    The Wizard is a quirky, turn-based dungeon puzzler with an unique spell casting system, lovely 16bit-look and high-quality soundtrack. You play as the exceptionally handsome but uneducated wizard Kevin, whose good looks have just been stolen. The pursuit of the mysterious thief leads you down to the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy. There you'll encounter mythical monsters, discover powerful spell gestures and improve your newfound abilities with the experience you gain to catch the thief and reclaim your beautiful face.
    The game was developed using the Phaser framework and runs on PC, tablets and mobile devices using an up-to-date browser, preferably Chrome. Upon release, the game will be playable for free on our website. If we see enough interest for the game we plan to develop a sequel featuring a new story and roguelike-mode!
    Until then you can find more informations about the game, the development and a trailer on our website:
    Game page & Trailer
    Blog Post: The Birth of The Wizard
    Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 1: Walking
    Blog Post: The Design of The Wizard Part 2: Spellcasting
    And here some more screenshots:




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    snowkie reacted to ajlangridge in Polycraft, Action Tower Defence is now Featured on the new Google Chrome   
    Hi guys!

    It's been a while since I posted here, but I thought you'd like to know that our game, Polycraft has now had a big revamp and is now featured on the new Google Chrome App Store!
    Here's the gameplay video:   You can play it here! (no registration required):   We’re starting to see the line between web and native games blur. We used bleeding edge web technology to develop Polycraft, and now we’re able to deliver it as a download. This is a huge opportunity for indies and big studios — we’re thrilled to be in on day-one.   Thanks for checking out Polycraft,   All the best,   Adam   @ajlangridge  
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    snowkie reacted to Eminence in Eminence: Xander's Tales TCG   
    Hello everyone, I will start off by introducing myself. I am a London based developer working on a brand new video game concept with industry talents working alongside me to produce something unique for the mobile app market, console and web.
    Eminence: Xander's Tales is a role playing adventure and trading card game (TCG/MMORPG) driven by a compelling story. The game itself also takes inspiration from classic RPGs like; Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Zelda. Set in a world where fantasy and science collide. You band with an ancient alchemist known as Xander to piece together the mysteries of a raging star which endures a cycle of death and rebirth. Together with Xander, you will begin a long journey to ultimately try and prevent the Sun's destructive cycle which stands to devastate Artalys, the world of Eminence.
    The game features a unique card battle system going beyond the traditional system of attack and defence points. The core mechanics are simple to understand yet the game is difficult to master. You play against others in a strategic high risk card game where the winner can take the loser's cards. Cards can also be acquired via trading, completing storyline quests, tournaments or the marketplace. There are a number of Divisions available and many cards to collect, each with their own uniqueness in terms of both visual design and story.
    Any comments/feedback would be much appreciated. We'll soon be launching on Kickstarter and releasing new content every week until then. I'll be promoting more artwork and exclusive screenshots of this game in the forthcoming weeks.




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    snowkie reacted to blue_mc in ChickIN   
    Hi guys, this is my first HTML5 game, made with Construct2.

    The mechanic is inspired by snake game:
    You chase randomly positioned food and your body grows longer, while you avoid walls and your own body.
    In this game, you're a classy chick leading cracked eggs to their nest, they spawn randomly by the edge of the stage/wall, and they'll chase your back and linked to you (instead of growing the tail on the snake game). You have to avoid those eggs, while at the same time luring them to you. Once you reached the nest, all of linked eggs will be gone. You score higher points by escorting many eggs at once to nest.

    Earlier, we made Player to control the chick's rotation by 45 degrees. But people found it hard to navigate.

    Therefore we changed it to more normal 4 direction control (with arrows), just like classic snake. And Player could choose from 3 control scheme that we provide.
    I personally prefer the previous version, since it more unique and that the current version is too easy :-?
    The game is finished and we currently looking for sponsor. Any advice how to get sponsor interested on our game?
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    snowkie reacted to Luis Felipe in [Phaser] Bi-Weekly Game Projects - Luis Felipe Ocampo   
    Hey everyone. I'm really inspired by everyone's work here, and I gotta say, Thomas' (lessmilk) weekly games project is definitely the best way to learn, I have had this same "practice makes perfect" experience in art. So I've decided to take on a similar challenge. I DO NOT intend to rip Thomas' idea at all or take credit for it, I simply find that this is also a great way to learn and share one's progress. Feedback has always been a key aspect for me.
    So onto actual gaming! this thread'll be my digital game sketchbook I really appreciate constructive criticism.
    Here's the first game I've made, I also made the art, I have very little pixel art skills as it's not too much in my domain, hopefully I'll get better at it as well
    Game 002: 23.3.2014 (Heavily inspired from Nidhogg)

    Game 001: 10.3.14

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    snowkie got a reaction from AhmedElyamani in How do you make graphics?   
    I am using photoshop for raster 2d artwork, from doing inanimate  graphics to animate one.. here's some example of what i've done for my upcoming html5 game

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    snowkie got a reaction from totor in How do you make graphics?   
    I am using photoshop for raster 2d artwork, from doing inanimate  graphics to animate one.. here's some example of what i've done for my upcoming html5 game

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    snowkie got a reaction from Protopop in [WIP] Nimian Legends - Bite-size HTML5 RPG   
    Wow! awesome work man!
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    snowkie reacted to Gtrace in My New Game "Twisty Turtle" Feedback welcome   
    Twisty Turtle:

    Turtle easily beat the lightning quick Rabbit in their last footrace by being slow and steady. We all know that.
    What you didn't know is that rabbit said: "OK Turtle, if you're so good at going slow and steady then you're going to need all you can muster for this course". And with that Turtleaccepted the challenge from his arch-nemesis Rabbit to get through this hairy-scary, twisty-turny course. ;-)

    Link to game :
    Thank you in advance if you give feedback  

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    snowkie reacted to Gio in ignore transparent areas of sprite for overlap   
    I think the best way would be to implement a proper collision detection algorithm, where you can define your own collision shapes that approximate the actual shapes of your sprites... then check if the collision shapes intersect. It is a bit complicated, but you can use pretty much any physics engine to do that.
    Another way (which is simpler but much, much slower and potentially too slow on some devices and browsers) is to draw your sprites on small canvas objects, then get the image data out of the canvas objects (with context.getImageData()) and then for each pixel in the overlap area, check to see if both sprites have a non-transparent value.