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  1. c.bodyA is your platform.. that's right.. the course correction should be applied to bodyB then.. be aware that the bodies that are reported are sometimes the other way around.. so sometimes it will happen that bodyB is ground and bodyA is the player.. depending on which body reports the collision.. i guess.. therfore i would probably ask for both possibilites in onpresolve()
  2. i just finished a follow-up game of "cool cows on ice" and want to present it to you. this game is an endless runner/slider with playservices integration. achievements and a leaderboard are providing a little bit of additional motivation i reused all the graphics form my former game. that way i could finish my idea really fast. you can download it here: and here is the promo video:
  3. i just finished a follow-up game of "cool cows on ice" and want to present it to you. this game is an endless runner/slider with playservices integration. achievements and a leaderboard are providing a little bit of additional motivation i reused all the graphics form my former game. that way i could finish my idea really fast. i hope you like it (and if so i would be happy to see some (positive ) reviews ) here is the cheatsheet: here is the promo video: and here the link to the playstore:
  4. i think this is about the same problem
  5. thx for putting thought into it.. unfortunately this is not an option.. i don't want to increase the filesize of my game by 10mb just because of one music file
  6. tried exporting to mono track ... its now 100kb smaller so the 1.20 minute track is about 420kb in size.. it's a little bit better now but still very annoying.. i'd rather see the splash screen longer and have the music starting when the game starts instead.... you can still count to 10 before the music starts
  7. thx for clarification.. (i tried to compress the file even more and only got 50kb smaller filesize so this wasn't the way to go anyways) going to try a mono track now thx!
  8. so you would suggest that i use higher compression to make the filesize smaller.. i tried reeeaally low quality settings and it's still ok on a mobile phone... i'll give it a try and see if it helps
  9. in my games it usually takes a very long time (on mobile) to load my audio files.. i use audacity to export them as OGG (preset - quality 4) it takes at least 20 seconds to decode the maintheme ( only 500kb in size) .. nothing else is decoded when the game starts.. i set autodecode to false on all other sounds so it really is just this one file.. i tried to convert it as mp3 (ca. 600kb) but it needed the same amount of time to decode.. so i'm asking here.. has anyone else problems with slow audiodecoding ? how EXACTLY do you export/create your audio files? thx in advance
  10. is autodestroy really neccesary ? what happens if you don't add this? (just asking because i nevery add autodestroy.. i thought they destroy themselves anyway ?!
  11. wow... i just rechecked my latest version of the same game and listeners are rising again.. (and this time they stay) i am quite sure that i didn't change anything... (maybe i did a chrome update) every time a sound is played.. a listener is added... WTF ??? !!! a already do it the "right" way.. so i am definitely NOT adding a new sound to the soundmanager this time and i am 100% sure that it is; that adds the Listener chrome is logging... i tend to not believe chrome this time because it behaved strange the last time and i did a little experiment and played 20 sounds every 300ms and had 6000 listeners in a very short time but no performance loss at all...
  12. no problems with p2 physics.. rendering and emitters are the bottlenecks... (nice game btw. seems very complex.. (looks like it was a lot of work))
  13. well if they are in one group its at least "do-able" but what about physics if you move the objects manually.. don't they move on their own? what will happen with collisions if you set the x and y coordinates directly - circumventing the physics system? just some thoughts... performance wise i have the impression that there is no noticeable difference between moving the camera and moving the map (i do both in two different games)
  14. moving the camera should be the easy choice. otherwise you have to move every little object
  15. do you mean the footage for the promo video? the android app is called "screencast" ... i think it was preinstalled on my oneplus one (cyanogenmod)
  16. checkout this sandbox i made out of your code.. it works... but without the tilemap.. normally the tilemap shouldn be a problem..
  17. you should know that if you disable damping for the whole gameworld nothing will (or at least in theory) ever stop moving.. except if friction is applied
  18. function create() { game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.P2JS); game.physics.p2.gravity.y = 1000; game.physics.p2.applyDamping = false; material1 = game.physics.p2.createMaterial(); material2 = game.physics.p2.createMaterial(); game.physics.p2.createContactMaterial(material1, material2, { friction: 0 , restitution: 1.0 }); var sprite1 = game.add.sprite(300, 100, ''); game.physics.p2.enable(sprite1,true) sprite1.body.setCircle(30); // sprite1.body.damping=0; sprite1.body.setMaterial(material1); var sprite2 = game.add.sprite(190, 400, ''); game.physics.p2.enable(sprite2,true) sprite2.body.setRectangle(600,20); sprite2.body.static = true; sprite2.body.setMaterial(material2); }something like this perhaps..
  19. you either need to set the "global" p2 restitution to 1 or define two materials and a "contactmaterial" that defines what happens when bodies of those two materials meet.. and configure this contactmaterial to have restitution 1 if you want it to go on forever you need to deactivate the global damping
  20. i've got everything in the same folder.. pluginfolder (with the exact same name as you wrote) index.html, phaser.min.js, xdk files (intelxdk.config.additions.xml and so on)
  21. oh.. did you edit the plugin properly ? (plugin.xml) because your key is not included automatically. its a known bug..
  22. <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="cc.fovea.cordova.purchase" intelxdk:value="cc.fovea.cordova.purchase" intelxdk:type="local"> <intelxdk:param intelxdk:name="BILLING_KEY" intelxdk:value="MIIBIjA..................AQAB" /> </intelxdk:plugin>
  24. i experienced the same thing weeks ago and also posted about this.. as far as i can remember rich fixed this.. it's just that the debug body rendering happens one frame after the rendering of the image.. nothing special...
  25. you mean the issue of the wrong x setting for your airplane after switching states... sorry to say that but you should -not- have to do that.. there is something completely odd going on with your setup.. i've never seen this behaviour before and never had problems with unclean state swaps.. but if you found a workaround.. good.. lets just hope that this the only one just one last question.. did you write the game prototype definition and the rest of the basic strukture on your own or did you build upon a basic code from some tutorial ?