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  1. currently using 1878 (i'm always using the newest one i can get .. i don't think this is related to the version i am using because it worked with every version in the last months) i definetly only added "" in intel xdk gui.. in the automatically created intelxdk.config.crosswalk.xml it says : <preference name="android-permission" value=""/> what happens when i build for crosswalk and upload the apk to the playstore is unclear.. i don't know why there is if its even needed to add an inapp product
  2. android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE android.permission.INTERNET this is what my developer console tells me
  3. thx for the suggestion.. i edited the line looks quite right to me.. is there a problem with it.. does it work?? i think i read the same thing somewhere.. what if you add instead of is it rewritten to then ?? this is how it looks like on my screen..
  4. if you don't want the game to remember the last level state when you restart it then you could just use a global variable to store the current levelstate.. i'm using this to get the amount of "lives" my player collected from one state to another.. i just store it in the global scope.
  5. not idea sorry.. but with the intex xdk i never had problems building my app with crosswalk.. it just worked - with a mouseclick it was done.. perhaps you want to try it
  6. well.. you obviously missed that part of the tutorial ;-) ATTENTION: this doesn't work due to a bug in the current version 3.10.1 where $BILLING_KEY is not properly set you have to download the plugin from the git repo : and install it manually (see next step - adding local plugin over the UI will not work!) that means.. do not add it as 3rd party plugin.. it will not complile.. so instead of step 3 - you do 4 and 5 -- the lines you added to config.additions are enough
  7. out of curiosity.. you "zeroed" out the worldbounds? how? to get what exactly?
  8. ah oke.. i see the logs.. your game is also never stopping.. even if the browser window loses focus
  9. what do you mean by "with debug" do you mean it is positioned wrong when you turn on the physics debug body or what?
  10. oh.. first adivse.. upgrade your phaser version to 2.3 -- yours is outdated.... do you have a link to your repository on bitbucket.. its much easier to find a bug by just running the code on your own machine
  11. you could create a pool of sprites and only reset them when needed with a custom function that also sets some other variables.. coins =; // add a new group for fireballs coins.createMultiple(500, 'coin', 0, false); // create plenty of them hidden and out of the game world on explode: function explode() { var coin = coins.getFirstExists(false); // get the first created fireball that no exists atm if (coin){ coin.exists = true; // come to existance ! coin.lifespan=2500; // remove the fireball after 2500 milliseconds - back to non-existance coin.reset(monster.x, monster.y); game.physics.p2.enable(coin); coin.body.moveUp(800); coin.body.setCircle(10); } }
  12. you don't need to shut down your state.. phaser is doing that for you and clears everything.. concerning your player position problem it's hard to say without seeing the whole code.. you obviously defined some sort of player class somewhere ?? @sound.. in the next level there should be NO shipsound or another shipsound or should it just restart the same shipsound? if so you must set forceRestart to true so the next play() call restarts the shipsound
  13. if i were you i would try to develop a very simple game with all the help i can get from the phaser examples and the forum.. learning by doing is always the best for me.. (and thats how i did it btw )
  14. there is not at the moment.. although i could just upload it somewhere
  15. i have the feeling you didn't post the whole code here (for the creation and configuration of the objects) after creating those objects you obviously need to configure them further.. adding physics and so on.. right? (or is it possible to check for overlap with a simple sprite without physicsbody in arcade?) you are probably running over the whole group of objects with a forEach() ? in addition you could just give every object a name and then just check against the name.
  16. as you can see in this screenshot the listeners are getting more and more and more during profiling.. every sound played adds one.. BUT when i start profiling again i am NOW back to my initial number of listeners which is 34 at the moment.. so in distinction to the headline i actually wasn't reusing everything.. the sounds got created over and over again and were not reused - even if they already existed with the exact same setting phaser was creating a new one.. so with the proper usage of the sound manager this problem is gone completely.. game is running for an hour now with perfect 60fps solved thx to all of you
  17. oke.. it looks like this is not a phaser bug after all ... it's just that chromes profiler is totally misleading here and i don't know why.. sorry i'll try to explain explode ='explosion',1,false);orexplode = game.sound.add('explosion',1,false);(seems to be the same) is used to add a sound to the game ONCE! if you need the sound you can start it with the following line.. this should not add an additional sound to the sound manager.. just play it; nevertheless chromes profiler shows one added listener when i call; (screenshot) exactly the same as before when i used'explosion'); the funny thing is though.. when i start profiling again.. the amount of listeners is back to it's original number (in distinction to the former method where those "listeners" remain in the game state forever and accumulate. so the outcome of all this noise i made is: don't use; use test = game.sound.add('something'); and then when needed; and don't trust the chrome profiler.. or at least stop and restart it and compare values carefully! why aren't those listeners removed during the profiling but obviously right after the profiling stops ????? i didn't test it yet but i will do so in the next hour and report back if the problem of collecting more and more listeners is gone completely with the right usage of the sound manager ^^ btw.: @oscar abraham.. seems you had it right from the beginning - and i was already on the right track in my bug report.. thank you !
  18. @oscar abraham: if you read the github issue i opened you'll find out that i am already doing it the "right" way.. play(); still adds a listener i'm only experiencing this problem because i'm running the same state for 30 minutes.. the moment i switch the state (or restart the same state) 60fps are back again and the number of listeners is down to 23 again..
  19. GOT IT !!!'something');is the cause of the constantly growing amount of "listeners" AND the cause for the performance loss over time.. the JS HEAP is still growing slowly over time (from 16-26mb maximum to 20-35mb maximum) but it stays there.. the game just ran for 6000 meters and is still at 60fps soooooo... this is a phaser bug - isn't it ?
  20. pfffffffffft... you know what ads those listeners (or at least most of them - could still be something else too)'moo1',0.2);every time a sound is played .. a listener is added ??? wtf ?? going to uncomment ALL sounds for a test and then report back ... EDIT: ALL listeners that chrome logs are added by all of them.. if i comment out all sounds the listener number stays at 23 now i have to let the game run for 20 minutes to see if this has some effect on the performance over time
  21. i'm going to try that too (using my own timing method) the crazy thing is.. i removed those timers and listeners are still getting more and more.. wuahhaa.. this is making me crazy... i'm going for the "brute force" method now.. commenting out everything and then slowly adding it back while constantly observing the whole thing
  22. listeners are added by .add() right? the only thing that is constantly recurring is the following.. nothing else is ever added to the game in the update loop but this:, resetobject, this);these "timeouts" make sure that the objects are reset after random time-periods so the whole thing feels more natural.. these events should be removed right after the event is fired as far as i know.. how else should i implement a timeout ??
  23. oke.. profiling got me at least somewhere ... the heap size starts with 12 goes up to 22 then the GC kicks in and it goes back to 12 - after 2000 meters (it's an endless runner ^^) the heap size is at 20 goes up to 36... this is slowly rising over time but is not the source of the problem just one side effect.. the one thing i noticed is that somehow the amount of listeners is rising very fast.. i start with 20 and after 2000 meters i already am at 1250 listeners.. i'm going to investigate that (i thought i am not creating new listeners but maybe i overlooked something. could this be the problem ?????