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  1. Hello, All is in the title, if you want a running exemple, as I'm unable to doing a jsfiddle, you can go here and: http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=basics&f=spritesheet.js&title=SpriteSheet%20Animation replace the first line by this: var renderer =new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(800, 600);and tint the movie. movie.tint=0xcd12d0Then push the green button: the plane becomes crazy. It's in V3
  2. Yes, for the "new", I've so much destroy my test code I believe ctrl-c-v got me. I didn't notice this bug report from Ludei though I destroyed Google too, so thank you. I don't manage to do a jsfiddle: I don't know how to load img, I don't manage load .json, I don't manage put the pixiv3 without the gl.getContextAttributes().stencil, I have tried with dropbox, onedrive, gdrive and I don't know what else...It want https, not http, it want this or that or that or this, I do not usually to do this and I'm fed up. By the way, the problem is in cocoonjs... And what, it's just a vulgar json: {"frames": { "img.jpg": { "frame": {"x":0, "y":57, "w":32, "h":32}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":32,"h":32}, "sourceSize": {"w":32,"h":32} }, "Retour.png": { "frame": {"x":0, "y":0, "w":196, "h":56}, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":3,"y":0,"w":199,"h":56}, "sourceSize": {"w":199,"h":56} }},"meta": { "image": "menu.png", "size": {"w": 197, "h": 90}, "scale": "1"}}a vulgar png and a vulgar jpg. There isn't something of special here. I load with loader, I do sprites with Sprite... All is well loaded. You can't reproduce this in a desktop. And all this code works with anything else than v3 on cocoonjs. If you got cocconjs and you say to me yes, with v3, I can display sprites on a webgl, please give me your code. Is It just cocoonjs or worst,is it just MY cocoon or my code, and what do I wrong?
  3. Ok, I see the difference between the past and the present. So I do this: isWebGLSupported: function () { var contextOptions = {stencil: true}; try { if (!window.WebGLRenderingContext) { return false; } var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'), gl = canvas.getContext('webgl', contextOptions) || canvas.getContext('experimental-webgl', contextOptions); return !!(gl /*&& gl.getContextAttributes().stencil*/); } catch (e) { return false; } },and this in my only file //cocoonjs console: (function(){var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); var contextOptions = {stencil: true};gl = canvas.getContext('webgl',contextOptions) || canvas.getContext('experimental-webgl',contextOptions);console.log('Is webgl?:',gl.getContextAttributes,gl.getContextAttributes()) //function(){[native code]} , undefinedconsole.log('alpha:',gl.getContextAttributes.alpha)//undefinedconsole.log('depth:',gl.getContextAttributes.depth)//undefinedconsole.log('stencil:',gl.getContextAttributes.stencil)//undefined//console.log('stencil:',gl.getContextAttributes().stencil) //typeError, all is overconsole.log('antialias:',gl.getContextAttributes.antialias)//undefinedconsole.log('premultipliedAlpha:',gl.getContextAttributes.premultipliedAlpha)//undefinedconsole.log('preserveDrawingBuffer:',gl.getContextAttributes.preserveDrawingBuffer)//undefinedcanvas.width = window.innerWidth;canvas.height = window.innerHeight; //var renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(canvas.width, canvas.height); // here I see all want to see: Sprites and Graphics but a variable 20-30 FPSvar renderer = new PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(canvas.width, canvas.height); //gives me a "perfect" webgl 62 constant FPSrenderer.backgroundColor = 0xBAC16D; //Here I see a marvellous golden screenvar stage = new PIXI.Container();//var stage = new PIXI.Stage(0xBAC16D);document.body.appendChild(/*canvas*/renderer.view);PIXI.loader.add('menu','menu.json').on('complete', start).load();function start() {var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite.fromFrame("Retour.png");sprite.position.x = 300;sprite.position.y = 300;stage.addChild(sprite);//nothing displaysprite = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage("img.jpg");sprite.position.x = 200;sprite.position.y = 100;stage.addChild(sprite);//nothing displayvar g = new PIXI.Graphics();g.beginFill(0xffffff);g.drawRect(50, 50, 200, 30);stage.addChild(g);//I see a wonderfull white rectangle!.}var mainLoop = function(){requestAnimationFrame(mainLoop);renderer.render(stage);};requestAnimationFrame(mainLoop);})(); Ok, with v3, it's a cocoon problem... I don't understand because if stencil is do for draw graphics, why the only thing I see is graphics while getContextAttributes.stencil is undefined? I going to try to getAround this.
  4. Hello Xerver! I use PIXI and cocoon for a long time to know autoDetectRenderer create canvas on a non-webgl device. It's not my question. My question is: Why autoDetectRenderer PIXI v2 (and v1) create a webgl renderer on cocoonjs on my device and why autoDetectRenderer PIXI v3 create a canvas on the SAME cocoonjs and on the SAME device. Why PIXI v2 display sprite on a webgl renderer and why PIXIv3 don't display sprites on a webgl renderer of the same cocoon of the same device? or Is this behaviour normal, or is it an error from me? --- if I substitute this in V3 (3.0.6): autoDetectRenderer: function (width, height, options, noWebGL) { width = width || 800; height = height || 600; if (!noWebGL && core.utils.isWebGLSupported()) { return new core.WebGLRenderer(width, height, options); } return new core.CanvasRenderer(width, height, options); }by this from V1.5: autoDetectRenderer : function(width, height, view,antialias,transparent){ if(!width)width = 800; if(!height)height = 600; // BORROWED from Mr Doob (mrdoob.com) var webgl = ( function () { try { var canvas = document.createElement( 'canvas' ); return !! window.WebGLRenderingContext && ( canvas.getContext( 'webgl' ) || canvas.getContext( 'experimental-webgl' ) ); } catch( e ) { return false; } } )(); if( webgl ) { return new PIXI.WebGLRenderer(width, height, view, transparent, antialias); } return new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(width, height, view, transparent);}(I kill "core" if I can say that) ... the autoDetectRenderer gives me well a webgl! but this webgl doesn't display sprites... but the autoDetectRenderer works! but this don't display sprites...
  5. Hello everybody, I transfered my project in PIXIv3 and when I lauch it in cocoonjs, I saw the fps very poor. I didn't understand the why of the how until I realize that cocoon was in canvas mode. So, if I do (in cocoonjs): var renderer = new PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(canvas.width, canvas.height); renderer returns canvas. Canvas works, but the FPS is not the best. else, if I do: var renderer = new PIXI.WebGLRenderer(canvas.width, canvas.height)renderer return webgl. OK, the FPS is max, BUT, cocoonjs don't display sprites. It display graphics, background color, but no sprite. It's annoying because v2 (v 2.7 i believe my last version) worked perfectly: autoDetect returned webgl, FPS max and sprites were displayed. It is normal, it isn't? I stress google since long hours and i don't have any key about this (stencil?, I don't know what is, and I don't understand why v2 worked and why v3 not). I stess me too, because I don't know how many tests I did in my device but the result is the same, with cocoonjs, PIXI the third (3.0.6) is not a webgl warmachine.