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  1. Guys...did n1 found a solution to it...!!! Im stuck at the same point...
  2. Even i have the same need...!! did u found out the ans..???
  3. I tried the same thing as u said.., var hello = game.cache.getText('jsonText'); var jsonobj = JSON.parse( hello ); console.log(; but im getting this error - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '
  4. Hi frnds, One little help, i started a html5 game. Im making a screen setup, in default phaser has full screen mode (which is mentioned in phaser examples). which is working only in android chrome browser. does n1 tried full screen mode which is working in all or most of the browsers...?? if so, please help stuck with this... .
  5. KrishnaMv

    Text Box

    HI guys, I'm trying to get player name from user in a text box. is there any method or function in phaser js...?? (Not in javascript)