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  1. That was it! Can't believe I didn't find that. Thank you!
  2. Hey everyone, I've recently upgraded my game to v3. But now i'm running into an issue. I have a lightmap in a two dimensional array, which holds tiles that have a black sprite. I change the alpha of these sprites to create the idea of lightning. I used a SpriteBatch in v2, and with the recent update it seemed to make sense to update this to the ParticleContainer. But now it seems that you can't change the Alpha of items in the ParticleContainer after they are created. In the initial initialization functions you can still change the alpha. In the 2nd gameloop and so on, it's not possbile to change the alpha of these tile sprites in the ParticleContainer. So I can't update my lightning. I can solve this to just use the Container instead of the ParticleContainer. But I want to know if this is intentional and if it is, why! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. Stefan
  3. Cool. I'm already using the SpriteBatch for rendering the tilemap and lightmap. Map chunks will be introduced whenever i'll notice performance issues, maps aren't that big now. Thanks!
  4. Makes sense, then how would I got about adding the mouse cursor? An Sprite object that I store somewhere and that I keep changing the position of?
  5. Hey everybody, I'm currently making a roguelike game which (ofcourse) features a tilemap. Like so: I've started this project without PIXI.js and i've recently started converting everything to PIXI. I've got the tilemap, camera and rendering all entities etc working. But now I have one question. I want to have a mouse over on tiles. If it's a floor tile it has to show a mouse cursor and if there are entities on the tile it has to show a tooltip describing the entity: Only question is, do I accomplish this by making every tile interactive and attaching functions to it, or is the best solution to manually track the mouse position and calculate at which tile the user is pointing ( like I did it before ). Thanks in advance, Stefan.
  6. Working with tilemaps. What info does a tilemap hold. Creating a tilemap without exporting one from Tiled. Creating an empty tilemap. Filling a tilemap with new data. Etc.
  7. I'm having the same question as you: If you manage to find a solution, would be great if you could let me know I'll also keep on searching.
  8. Anyone? I really don't want to drop Phaser just because i can only load static tilemaps.
  9. I'm also waiting for more explanation on the tilemaps. The current examples are just not providing me with what i want to know.
  10. Forgot to add, i'm using Phaser v1.1.5! Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone! Recently i have created an Random Dungeon Generator ( ), and i'm porting it to a plugin for Phaser. The only problem i encounter is loading my custom map in the game! I've tryed preloading an "empty" ( just dummy data, 0's etc ) json file, setting that as my tilemap and change it. I've tryed creating an empty tilemap and fill it with my data. Even tried to generate my output the same as the example json tilemap files, but that's a big pile of work. Is there any solution for doing this? Is there an example where someone creates an empty tilemap object and fills it with data? The examples on the Phaser website only load pre-defined maps as .json files. Thanks in advance! Stefan