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  1. Just make up a url it doesnt matter. Im guessing your not putting it on IOS or android, just the web?
  2. Hi as the title suggests, I was just wondering whether this is possible and how to do it? Please help thanks.
  3. Really could do with help on this so BUMP!
  4. Mmm, I have got the coins working but on 2.0.0 version and the code is completely different. http://justukfreebies.co.uk/games/prac/ I want to take that and put it in my new code but it's still not working out. Any ideas?
  5. Damn your code didnt work for me :/ I don't even know were to start with this problem.
  6. Hi I have a problem were an tilemap object is not appearing the object should be coins please can anyone help? Game - http://justukfreebies.co.uk/games/random/ Code - http://justukfreebies.co.uk/games/random/js/main.js
  7. Hey ive been making a game recently and it has been going along okay and now I can't seem to get the player sprite to appear in the game? Any ideas? Game link - http://www.justukfreebies.co.uk/games/random/ Main game file - http://www.justukfreebies.co.uk/games/random/js/main.js Preloader file - http://www.justukfreebies.co.uk/games/random/js/preloader.js
  8. Even after the update rich has just put out my game is still having problems god damnn
  9. Yep unfortunately we will have to wait for an update now.
  10. Yes! and it happens with this one aswell refresh a few times and he will fall through the floor. http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=tilemaps&f=map+collide.js&t=map%20collide
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