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  1. Simple yet sweet, I really liked it Add some sounds, improve graphics a bit, maybe add some more enemies (not just arrows, but units you need to hit with a sword using another key, for example) and it will be even more awesome, I think Still, it's quite original evading game and it has some potential, like, really Good luck with other prototypes!
  2. It looks like everyone really liked Oimo.js, found it a while ago Demo 4 and 8 is something that everyone would love to see while using Babylon.js, that's for sure ;D
  3. var newMeshes = []; function importedMeshes(mesh) { mesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0); // for mesh.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(.025, .025, .025); // example } BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("NameYourMeshHere", "../path_here/", "FilenameHere.babylon", scene, function (newMeshes) { importedMeshes(newMeshes[0]); });
  4. I just leave engine.resize() in the end of the engine.runRenderLoop function, but before the scene.render(), of course (maybe it's a bad way, though).
  5. How about Oimo.js? Also Physijs has heightmaps stuff.
  6. When you use physical objects you can't move them just like that (at least I don't know how at moment), but you can apply some force to them, or (even better) place your box on a sphere (make a group) and then make a motor from sphere (or just rotate it, I don't know, didn't played much with it). I think you need to take some closer look at cannon.js, also you can try motor function or 'applyForce', or 'applyImpulse'. Just my thoughts, but that should help you with your project there. Good luck, pwetpwet
  7. Woot! Great, thank you for your report and for the tip, dad72 Thank you. It's not a game yet though
  8. Hm, it's the second time you tell me about it. I also figured out I forgot to remove some 'div' I wanted before public build, maybe that caused the problem you're talking about. But I always check it everywhere (different browsers and android tablet) before showing to someone else and it's fullscreen everywhere, without scroll things and etc., so I have no idea what's happening there. Here's CSS I have: <style> html, body, div, canvas { margin: 0; overflow: hidden; height: 100%; width: 100%; }
  9. The "game" is back online (for 24 hrs or so). Fixed some bugs, also player shouldn't get inside of box or floor for a few milliseconds anymore (finally). Added some particles and some more tiny things. I'm planning first multiplayer test for the next version, that should be fun! P.S. it's all 'work in progress' thing, it's not a real game (yet), so there's no 'real goals' and score means nothing, but there are some events, pretty everything is just for tests and some basement for upcoming real game features and etc.
  10. Default browser won't work, but Chrome works just fine. I have Android 4.2 as well. Dunno what could cause the trouble there :\
  11. Just 'draw' all the collision using boxes through the path, you can go with round walls using boxes as well (just place them that way); probably not the best solution by far, but that's an option, I think. If I were you I would write my own physics rules. Yeah, that's a pain, but that would be much better than using boxes as walls everywhere. Just my opinion here, not even a tip
  12. You're welcome. I don't know, but I think anything is good enough if it works as you want in result I'm a noob to programming, so I just tried to help and give an idea of how to do it (since I used quite the same logic for my own game). I'd love to see how your thing will turn out. Good luck, Zino54220!
  13. var animationStated = false; function startAnimation() { if (!animationStarted) { animationStarted = true; scene.beginAnimation(skeleton[0],80,100); } } Then run the function when you press the button and when the button is up set 'animationStarted' to 'false' there.
  14. It looks like the problem is finally solved. Any more turbo effects out there, anyone? Edit: I'm becoming insane. It just re-appeared again. I'm losing it. Site is offline for now. Thanks a lot for testing it, everyone, I really appreciate it ♥ See you next time
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