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  1. Loopy Fishy, the swimming, bouncing, flip flappy, loop-the-looping fishy game. Be sure to swim through the hoops, if you miss three loops, or swim off the bottom of the screen the level will end. Dive through the Loops, or Loop-the-Loop and go through them backwards to be sure to collect the Golden ring bonus. Golden rings are the currency of Loopy Fishy, collect enough to purchase new fish, and progress to harder challenges. Available for Licensing for your HTML website, also available as Adobe Flash (Viral Primary and Site Lock Secondary Licensing) Get it touch through ) Portfolio Page : Play it Now, Embedded HTML Page : Full Screen (and mobile web) : Google Play : Amazon App Store :
  2. Matching Pears , A simple fruit matching game, match 2, 3, 4 and 'use all the tiles' level variation. Play it (try it) : fullscreen , or embeded. I've developed Matching Pears in a now older version of OpenFL, exportable as HTML, Flash, Windows EXE, and Android APK ! -
  3. Thanks Ninjadoodle, My error for your safari test, after making adjustments to the sound files a few days ago, i omitted reuploading the .mp3 versions after some checking/testing of the .ogg sound assets (Chrome should default to .ogg which were still present), reuploaded now ! Thanks for the feedback regardin gthe font too, and you're right about scaling up, all of the graphics (icluding the bitmap font) are rendered to a 450x600 bitmapdata, which is then positioned as to best fit the viewing window on all platforms and devices ! , I've read that web fonts are the things to use for html, is that what most folks use ?
  4. Hi, Path Squared is one step further forward, fixed the cropping (and fed back to openfl forums) and properly implemented pausing on visibilitychange events occuring (by injecting javascript directly into the haxe code, to listen for the event, - something i didn't know was possible this time last week !!) tweeked one of the sound files to over 1s as it was sub 0.3s, allof the .ogg files were already 16bit 44khz files ! I'm struggling to work out low performance - i have 2 tablets to test on, a 4 year old generic tablet, which always gives low performace - if i completely remove sound from the game (soundjs implemented), the framerate jumps up to about double it was before, but still less than desirable. My other tablet, a Hudl 2 (nearly a year old), runs the game as smoothly as my desktop browsers do, with sound playing correctly ! (next step, dead code removal and crunching)
  5. thanks again b1ob, i'll investigate the visibilitychange event, and see what i can do about minifying the code too. Haxe has "dead code elimination" compiler options (which currently completely break the game, but does half the .js file size), and openfl has a -minify flag when compiling to html, which doesn't work with my current version! , sounds >=1s ? will check that too ! totor, thanks for the extra feedback. hanging at 3/4 bar to me mean code+ graphics + sound effect loaded, but failing to load the larger music files!, OpenFL, i'm almost at the latest version, a couple of minor patches behind (which contain changes which currently break this game), and i'm using openfl as it is (without an additional framework).
  6. oh - the stars relate to how much "undo"ing has been used to complete the level !
  7. HI, thanks for the great feedback b1ob , I'll spend more time on everything you've found. my latest efforts were improving performance for android native, which dont seem to help in html ! 1. all the game script is loading (just over 1mb) before the loading bar is shown, i guess i could look into wrapping the openfl js within an additional preloader ? am not sure how other folks using openfl would preload. 2. strange cropping indeed, i see it now when i switch orientation and lose the bottom edge, the same also now happens in browser resizing. (just traced this to openfl's graphics.drawTiles function setting bounds relative to the stage size rather than the displayobject size!) 3 and 5. I'm listening for an Event.DEACTIVATE on the stage to stop the audio and pause gameplay etc, works ok on desktop browsers and native, is there something i dont know about happening on mobile browsers ? 4. 12fps ! (unhappy face) - performance wise, i managed to get a single tilesheet.drawTiles call every enterframe event works well on native, but it seems openfl haven't optimised tilesheet use for html5 , i'll have to look for other redering options for html5 mobile. Hi Neoprofessor, thanks for trying, I thought i'd got this right this time !, i'd really appreciate knowing which type of device (desktop/tablet) and which browser this failed to load on for you. and how far along the loading bar it reached. If it is exaxtly 50%, or further along that would help me narrow it down alot ! back to the drawing board a while me thnks....
  8. Path Squared, my new 40 level path following puzzle game is now complete ! let me know what you think Here's the Link : Path Squared has been developed in Haxe, designed from the beginning to be native HTML5 (compiled to js), the HTML5 version uses soundjs to handle music and sound effects. It's also available as Android Native (compiled as cpp), and Flash (compiled as3) !
  9. (is there a way of editing the thread title from [WIP] , to [Completed] ? found it !
  10. Finished and released both the Flash and HTML5 versions of Red Blocked today ! (after fixing the frame rate issue son mobile, thanks for the pointer) The Games intro page on my portfolio site : Html5 framed with a page : and full screen for mobile : Roll on the next game !
  11. Thanks for the feedback, the main game loop is currently triggered by an "enterframe" event, (as i've always used enterframe in my flash games to date) - i guess i need to look into html5 more, and figure out if i set a time interval update or similar to make it work as intended !
  12. very nicely put together game - just reach level 25 and enjoyed what i've seen so far !
  13. Red Blocked Complete the levels by any means available to you. Controls W, A, D, or Arrow Keys. On screen buttons for players on touchscreen devices. Red Blocked is a small puzzly game i created for a 72 hour gamejam last week, the theme was "cheating" It was put together pretty quickly, and i think i need to play around more with controls for touchscreen, as it's barely been tested on mobile so far other than to know it's working (as i rarely use a touchscreen, it's tough to figure out what should work best with on screen buttons). anyway - here's a screenshot, and a playable link to the scalable mobile browser WIP version, it's written in haxe, compiled to html5 by openfl, and uses soundjs for audio. The same source compiles into .swf and adobe air. This is step 2 (on game 2) of me tweeking my own hybrid game framework, a little more tweeking to become android + playbook native too (and maybe IOS native if i stump up the £ to buy a mac)! - any feedback greatly received. (oh, and if you get completely stuck before completing the 15 levels of the game, do please let me know which level you've unlocked upto !!) playable link : Red Blocked Screenshot :
  14. Hi, here's a playable link to the HTML5 version of Berts Brain ! hope you like it ! Berts Brain Playable Link
  15. nice, simple, and well put together ! great stuff. i really liked the tweened game resizing when i change my browser size, I spotted a small bug when resizing, but not something that'll show up for 99% of users, so from one developer to another - the canvas background in my desktop browser is a ftting brown, but on resizing there's a black rectangle showing the size the gaem rectangle is going to be once it's tweened to it's resize (as i say, nothing that anyone other than a dev would spot i recon)