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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Even with the current amount of ammo and aid you should be able to get points beyond 80k. Just try to use the grenade at the right moment My intention was to keep it difficult to get highscores (is it too difficult?). Just a short information: The game is now available at!
  2. Row of the Dead is my first small HTML5 game and my first game ever! My intention was to create a little game to try out the Phaser v2 engine. The result was a match-3 game with a little twist. Everything in this game is selfmade - graphics and code. Try it out and don't get eaten (don't forget to read the rules)! Play Geaz
  3. Good idea to move them to its own repo. Will make it easier to maintain & contribute!
  4. "Classic" is the Arcade Physics. New is P2 and Ninja.
  5. Because you moved the quadtree this line is not working anymore, if I activate acade physics. this.quadTree = new Phaser.Physics.Arcade.QuadTree(this,,,,, this.maxObjects, this.maxLevels);I changed it to "new Phaser.QuadTree" but then get an error again, if I try to set collision between sprite and group (in collideSpriteVsGroup function): Line: this.quadTree.populate(group);Error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'populate'
  6. I get an error while useing the Arcade Physics in the latest version of 1.2. If I try to do a sprite vs group collision I get an error, because "Phaser.QuadTree" is undefined in the "collideSpriteVsGroup" function.
  7. Maybe try the free software ?
  8. Great idea Rich! Was the last thing I thought about. I tried it with 126x126px sprites and no vibration at all! Yeah!
  9. Unfortunately it did not help. I tried it with pure p2 and pixi - no phaser at all. Here as well: as soon as I set the anchor of the sprites to 0.5 they start "vibrating". So I normalized the p2 position values to fit an anchor at 0,0. Now I got no vibrations and correct physics.
  10. I found out, that resetting the anchor to 0,0 solves the problem. But the physics body are wrong then...
  11. Unfortunately I can't get it working I tried the settings from the p2 demo, but it seems that I do something wrong. I'm able to set the iterations up, but then the fps drops...
  12. HI and thanks for the replies! The demo uses another broadphase algorithm (SAPBroadphase). If i use it, it seems to help, but my collisions are not working anymore...anyone knows why? Otherwise I will try harder and look what I forgot Thanks, Geaz
  13. P2 demo is working: Seems to be a problem in phaser.
  14. BTW: Same problem with the "boxes everywhere" demo in the lab. Maybe a problem with P2? If I deactivate physics they don't vibrate.
  15. Hi, the test on the following site works well on the desktop. But if I open it on a mobile device (ipad, iphone) all blocks seem to vibrate. Any clue why this happens (code viewable with webdev tools (firebug) - relevant files: start.js & field.js)? Thanks, Geaz