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  1. Forcefield Defense How to play Left click to throw out an energy shield to stop incoming attacks. When blue bar becomes full, your ship will shoot out it’s attacks. Red Bar is your health. Take care not to let it go depleted. Features A total of 100 levels. Each level becomes increasing challenging. Every 10 levels, enemy ship changes, style of attack also changes. Play Desktop Version Play Mobile Version
  2. hi everyone In terms of monetization with in game ads, which is the best way to expose our html5 games? Should we write the game for web base and monetize with advertisement or for iOS?
  3. Thanks for the replies, I didn't expect anyone to tell me this game is addictive. Just an early concept and alpha build.
  4. Need some feedback on this html5 game I created. No story, no levels, just try to hit 300 points and you're done. Playable on mobile phone. Recommend to use Safari for IOS. Android should work also. Play in Landscape mode for full screen Plasma Fighter
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'll definitely keep those things you mentioned in mind and work on an update.
  6. Hi Everyone, I would like to showcase my first html5 game which took me a long long time to complete. I just thought I start a new thread from the old one. Old Version of Blue Weapon Features of the game. Only single player for desktop. 10 levels in total. 3 different types of enemies. As you progress higher levels, enemies become stronger. 10 different levels of weapons that auto upgrades as you level up. Fix: Mouse move much more smoothly than before. Enemies no longer get "stuck" outside of map. Added and improved the following: Added targets at the edge of the screen Improved A.I at higher levels. Added a nice splash screen showing the game play Improved font and coloring Additional notes: Game works very well on Chrome, Opera and IE9. Firefox works very well also but selection color changes in "Game Over" and "Paused" screen. If you happen to get the screen paused suddenly, just refresh your browser once. The reason is because the music is still loading in the background. Do let me know if you encounter bugs. Play Blue Weapon now
  7. Link works now. Sorry about that.
  8. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for sometime now. Finally i've got a game to showcase to everyone here. Still work in progress though. I present to everyone, Blue Weapon - Link below. https://googledrive.com/host/0Bx7Ociw4jEolTVJyWmhuQUlqaUk/index.html I came from impactJS. So of course I bought a copy of the impact engine I bought impactjs almost about 1 year ago and I've been working on my game ever since. This is a shootem'up game that has the following features: 10 levels 3 different enemies with different abilities 2 ways to shoot them down. Either shoot your normal weapon or shoot plasma to stun them. Left mouse button or right mouse button. The game is still in beta stage so I left with a few things to be done. Music and sound effects. Splash screen and In-game power up modules. I hope you guys can provide me as much feedback as you can. Let me know if you don't like something in the game.